Astrological Influences of the Planet Uranus: Revolutionary or Reactionary?

Although Uranus is known as the planetary energy of change and revolution, this same energy is what provokes the reactionary, or fundamentalist energy we see in those fanatics who have no tolerance for change whatsoever.

Many of us have seen human examples of this, the stiff, cold Aquarian individual who is about as pro-‘establishment’ as you’d ever want to see. Aquarius is the sign ruled by Uranus and as such gives us the living awareness of how this energy manifests.

Currently in the U.S. we are struggling to find meaning, compassion and understanding in the terrorist events represented by the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings. This may be more easily comprehended if we look at the terrorist groups who have been operating in our own country for some time.

Anti-abortion groups who bomb clinics are an example of this energy. These people are terrified of the change represented by a ‘new’ freedom, the freedom implied by Uranus. Pure Uranian energy assumes the right of the individual to make their own choices. This is step outward or upward as represented by the order of the planets in the Solar System. Saturn is the energy of being dominated by an authority figure or authoritative system, and the next ‘step’ is Uranus, where we must take responsibility for making our own choices. Anti-abortion terrorists claim the authority of the Christian Bible as just cause for their actions. Like the Uranian nature of the revolutionary who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their cause, so is the reactionary who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of retaining a prior reality. The reality of a past paradigm.

The Neo-Nazi movement is another example. Notice how both of these examples have as their focus a belief system or reality which is based in the past. These people are in some way attempting to turn back time. Again, we may refer to the bridge from Saturn to Uranus. Saturn is often represented as Father Time. Uranus may be viewed as the infant New Year. Its energy is that of the future.

But back to the Neo-Nazis. These people are not only attempting to edit time but also to edit the reality of a multi-racial world. Perhaps this is the most telling of all the reactions of these fundamentalist organizations. Due to a lack of ability to accept reality as it is, to cope with the conditions of present time, they must employ ever greater quantities of force in their effort to stem the tide of time.

For decades prior to the entrance of Uranus into the sign of Aquarius, which occurred in 1996, astrologers have known that reactionary efforts could be a symptom of our birthing into the Age of Aquarius. As we have been rocketing into the future technologically, culturally and biologically, there would have to be those in our world who simply couldn’t cope with all the changes. Although they might point to a specific area of life which was ‘wrong’ according to their lights, the simple truth is that they felt they were dislocated in time. Members and leaders of terrorist organizations are known for their isolationist tendencies and sense of alienation. They have not been able, or do not choose to function in synch with the rest of us.

The reactionary nature of the Uranian energy may stay with us until as a species, we become more acclimated to the power of accelerated time that this energy seems to provoke. As we zip into the future it will be those who can adequately hold onto their handlebars who will be able to fully function in our brave new world.

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