Astrology Journal for Charting Life Events: Your Astrological Timeline

A wonderful tool for enlightenment as well as astrological study, is the creation of your personal timeline. This is a collection of charts and your notes about them, gathered together in a notebook or a directory on your hard drive.

Here are some examples of the charts you may include:

Your birth chart (of course!)

Your first kiss

When you lost your virginity


Any traumatic event (accident, injury, interpersonal event)

Significant death in the family

Other family member’s marriages

Of course, you may not have the exact data for each event, but you will probably know most of the important ones to within a few weeks.

Study these charts carefully. See if you can determine the energies which represented your experience of the event. Do comparison studies, that is, overlay the event chart on top of your natal chart. When you were married, was anything interesting happening in (or to) your 7th house? Was there a strong Jupiter/Mars aspect when you gave birth?

If you have access to an ephemeris, perhaps there’s a stretch of time in your past that particularly interests you. For instance, what was life doing when Pluto entered Scorpio? Did you have a hard time while Neptune was in Capricorn? Perhaps you had your first experience with a strong work ethic while Saturn was in your 6th house or conjuncting your Sun.

These are all different questions that can be explored when you have your timeline materials together. You will discover over the years that you will want to come back to this file, to make reference to important transits. Such as, what happened during your last Jupiter return? Or how does your current Saturn opposition relate to your last Saturn square? These are areas that you can check on, especially if you keep your file current and perhaps even as an adjunct to your personal journal. You may add various charts from time to time as your interests dictate.

This is a great way to learn how the energies work in terms of real life events, as well as showing you what your sensitivities are and the type of factors you will attract for specific circumstances.

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