Millennium Horoscope Interpretation

I’ve erected an astrology chart for the beginning of the new millennium that you may view here. The time set for it is 12:00 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time. This is the most “official” beginning that I can see, though others may differ on this.

The Sun is in Capricorn, the Moon in Scorpio and Libra is rising. Overall, my impression of this chart is that of a driving need towards accomplishment and possibly material gain. This is an emotional drive, perhaps stemming from a sense of alienation and a feeling of not fitting in with one’s peers. I call this “misfit consciousness”. Alternatively, the drive could manifest as a refining of value systems and priorities.

Libra rising very much wants to get along with others, to share and to exchange ideas. However, it tends to have the core belief that this isn’t really possible, that conflict is an inevitable outcome of most relationships. The remainder of the chart speaks of the efforts to rise above this.

Moving around the chart in a counter-clockwise direction, we see the Moon in the 2nd house. This speaks of a deep emotional need to ensure material survival. This is a conditioned response, an expectation, that in order to relate deeply with others, one must have the necessary material background. The Moon squares (a less harmonious aspect), Neptune and the South Node. I suspect that this is life-long imprinting of media images of the “right way” to live. Since very few people in our world have the lifestyles shown on western television, it is easy to feel “left out”. The fact that very few people would want exactly these sort of lifestyles even if offered, does not negate the illusion that in order to fit in, this is what one must be. This is also where the impetus to assert a more meaningful value system may arise.

Towards the end of the 2nd house we find Venus. It is also extravagant. Since it leads in the house, this could indicate a constant need to “catch up” financially. One’s expenditures could easily outweigh income. Since Venus is the ruler of Libra, which is the rising sign, we consider this to be the chart ruler. Its position in Sagittarius indicates that beauty is to be found in truth. Utilization of this higher octave of Venus, could mean finding unity in opposing viewpoints to find the common bond.

Pluto conjunct Chiron says that words and ideas can be very hurtful, but the pain is repressed. There is also an indication here of the “brotherhood” which has been so often spoken of for the Age of Aquarius. There are deep emotional barriers to overcome in achieving this sort of “sibling-like” relationship with those around us, but there is also an evolutionary need to do so in spite of this. The inconjunct aspect to Saturn says that there are cultural inhibitions to opening up to this form of relating. There is considerable tension here as the old cultural paradigm gains weight but loses functionality. Where the common experience of instant communication conflicts with an emotional need to conform with the viewpoint of others, stresses may mount. The survival instinct to resolve this conflict can force one to move forward in spite of resistance.

Mercury in the 3rd house is well placed in a planetary sense, but Capricorn isn’t very friendly. Ritualistic words and phrases dominate communication efforts, with the implication that being “politically correct” may supercede the need for authentic sharing from the heart. Communication “rules” may dominate.

The Sun is conjunct the Nadir, or 4th house cusp, which gives the emphasis on home and the past. The trend toward working at home will probably continue, and status may come from being able to do so.

The conjunction of Neptune and the South Node in Aquarius indicates the dependency on technology for personal use. An interesting note here is that a Yod formation is begun. The pattern of Venus, Mercury and the Neptune/South node conjunction can be activated by a transit to early Cancer. We may watch closely the events of mid-June, 2000 for a hint of how this may manifest. A Yod indicates a direction of destiny, possibly guided by a Higher Intelligence. Cancer is a heart energy, with a family orientation. This would express through the 9th house, indicating expansion or a wider perspective. I would hope that this could overcome some of the “brotherhood” barriers described above.

Note: Depending on the orb of influence one grants to the various points, you could also say that the Neptune/South Node conjunction creates a full Grand Fixed Cross which includes the North Node, Moon and Saturn. I leave this up to the reader due to the diminished influence by distance.

Uranus in the 5th house has a wide square to the Moon/Saturn opposition, making a T-square. A T-square tends to require on-going adjustment as the various conflicts can appear to be incompatible. The traditional solution is to consciously develop the energies needed to create a Grand Cross. This energy would be found in Leo. In this chart, Leo seems to be something of a “no man’s land”, requiring a significant effort to build. It’s removed from most of the chart, with the North Node being its only occupant. The North Node is a point which human nature strives to avoid, being an unknown element and requiring risk taking. This situation is modified somewhat, because if we treat the North Node as a legitimate point of consciousness, the entire chart hangs from it, making a bucket pattern. This would mean that all the efforts towards conformity shown earlier in the chart are actually leading to a new level of personal individuality. In this paradigm, the individual would become their own trend-setter, rather than continuously looking for media approval.

Jupiter in the 7th house tells us that relationships are needing far less restriction and may be greater in number. The sextile to Uranus indicates that these may be induced electronically, as through the internet or perhaps interactive television.

Saturn in the 8th house is considered to be a negative placement as it inhibits real intimacy. In my opinion this demonstrates the major challenge of the chart. The strong Aquarian elements of the chart are impersonal, though humanitarian in nature. Materialism is a real temptation, and may take precedence over meaningful principles and values.

Summary: In my opinion, the intense materiality of the chart shows a shallowness of lifestyle which may leave many people feeling alienated and unloved. Personal contact shows through possessions rather than intimacy, and cultural restrictions have increased. This has created an evolutionary imperative to heal this limited perspective and open up to a greater inclusiveness of all life. This need to break free of artificial limitations will require us to take more of the lead in our own lives, as well as being willing to share in freeing others from these bonds.

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