Human Consciousness: The Discipline of Saturn: Part 1

Saturn is the last of what are known as the “inner planets.” This means that it’s the furthest out from the Sun that can still be viewed without the aid of sophisticated viewing devices.

Like many symbols in astrology, this has multiple meanings. We have found that all of the inner planets tend to hold a place in the human consciousness that is aware. Beyond this point, there is a certain lack of awareness, wherein the consciousness is operating behind the scenes and only certain facets of the energy is immediately perceivable.

On the inner orbit side of Saturn is Jupiter, a very social energy. So Saturn represents the final stage of socialization, i.e., the establishment. Saturn teaches us the lessons of those who have come before us, the tried and true methods of dealing with human life in an organized structure of life. This is where we get the ritualized actions, political correctness and hierarchical corporations. Saturn is about relying on the wisdom of those who came before us in order to achieve similar goals. This energy provides a road map.

Sounds great doesn’t it? In daily life we may not always feel that way. The power of the establishment, of the instinctual need for conformity can cause the most mighty of us to cower before it. The ridicule of our peers, the concern over “doing it wrong” are just a few examples of how Saturnian energy can haunt us. Caution is a Saturnian quality, and so is abject fear. This is from the inbred conditioning that tells us that we must follow the established way, must not risk our individuality and must follow the rest of the herd. The fear is of society turning on us for being different, inadequate or ignorant.

There are those who feel victimized by Saturn. They may feel that they are balked in making their way through life, that authority figures are preventing them from expressing themselves, etc. This is generally due to a lack of maturity. Saturn teaches us the lessons of maturity; of taking a measured look at life, of building the structures in our lives that will last over the long term.

In order to deal with Saturn consciously instead of being manipulated by it, one must cultivate discipline. Saturn’s difficult lessons are forced upon us when we are behaving like children in need of an authority figure. If however, we take responsibility for ourselves and direct our own lives, there is little need for external influences of this kind. This means that our choices are well reasoned and our actions are planned. We exercise patience in order for right timing to occur. We consult with those who have a right to know what we’re doing and allow their input. These are qualities of maturity. You might also note that these are qualities of Libra, the sign in which Saturn is exalted.

Delays in our plans are perhaps the fastest way of determining an active Saturn influence is operating in our lives. We can feel stalled, balked or put off by people or situations. This tends to bring up the frustration of impatience, which, if acted upon, will usually postpone our plans even longer through carelessness. A better solution is to accept that the plan has not matured, that there are other factors to be taken into account, or that there is a greater wisdom we need to aquire in order to deal with the situation better. This is also the beginning of patience.

Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and the 10th house. These are both goal-oriented symbols, which speak to us of making plans in order to achieve our desires. Attainment, achievement and ambition are all keywords for this energy.

The energy of Saturn can serve us in many ways, if we are willing to let go of childishness and take our true place as adults in our world. This is when we reap the rewards of accomplishment and the dignity of maturity.

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