The Mysteries of the 12th House

The astrological 12th house is the repository of the unconscious, the subconscious and the superconscious.

In an astrology chart the 12th house is the slice of the pie directly above the horizontal line that divides the wheel on the left side. The sign which rules this house and any planets in it, have a large, but mostly hidden influence on our psyche.

The natural ruler of the 12th house is the planet Neptune. Neptune is a watery planet, fluidic and foggy. When we are feeling foggy or confused, frequently this is the activity of Neptune and/or the 12th house. What happens when you try to see through fog or water? Images are distorted, if they can be viewed at all. An apparent end to the view can simply be another layer of fog and it can seem endless.

For those of us with a strong Neptune or 12th house, these images are very familiar. Without knowing something about the person, it can be very difficult for an astrologer to make a decent interpretation of the condition because it can vary wildly. The same configuration can mean an enlightened guru or an inmate of a mental institution.

In my opinion, this occurs because the power of this area is more than some can take. Essentially, the person’s own mind overwhelms them. For those who are capable of maintaining some balance, they have a rich inner life, with things going on which are utterly unrevealed to the world.

The 12th house is a repository of secrets. Those which we keep from others and those we keep from ourselves. Denial and illusion are characteristic of this area and I have never worked with a client, no matter how evolved who didn’t have their share of these.

How does this happen? Primarily during childhood, some aspect of the person’s psyche was severely repressed. Since the Self doesn’t respond well to this, it finds another outlet, ie., the unconscious, the subconscious or the superconscious. The individual may “act out” certain behavior patterns, creating isolation or confinement for themselves, completely helpless to control the outcome. Or, they may resolve to rise above these patterns and find solace in spirituality.

Depending on the planet(s) involved they may have extraordinary powers of perception such as ESP. Almost always, they will find relief in selflessly serving others. This creates a positive outlet of expression

As an astrologer I pay very close attention to the conditions surrounding the 12th house or Neptune. In my experience, a client with strong aspects here always has more to offer or more to gain from life than they’d previously believed. Unleashing the power of the 12th house can lead to unimaginable beauty, insights and deep inner wholeness.

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