Rebuilding Wealth: Surviving Financial Disaster

I get a surprising number of email messages from people who have undergone some sort of financial disaster. They are attempting to cope with this and cannot help but wonder why this is happening to them. This is the type of situation that I view in astrological terms, ie., a Plutonic event. A Plutonic event occurs when the pluto the planet forms a harsh or stressful aspect to a planet in the horoscope. It manifests in a way that can be compared to a house of cards collapsing. When this affects our finances, income is lost, stolen or mishandled in some way. We can find ourselves in a real financial mess.

The psycho/spiritual foundation of this occurrence is well-documented. At a super-conscious level, that is, the plane of mental awareness from where our lives are directed, a significant decision is made. This decision has to do with an evolutionary need or instinct wherein we have outgrown our current lifestyle and have refused to give it up. Events then “conspire” to ensure that this lifestyle goes, or is somehow wiped out. We are then asked to connect with our inner power.

There is a positive benefit to this, if we’re willing to pay heed to the lesson. A rebirth can occur where a new life is built on the ashes of the old one. The new life nearly always has greater depth and meaning to the individual though it may not be as outwardly prosperous as before. Or it may end up being even more prosperous, though this is more rare. People who have been through this and made it successfully out the other side, generally have similar things to say about the experience in hindsight. There are comments such as, “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it hadn’t happened”. Or, “It was awful to experience but it was the best thing that ever happened to me”.

When one is in the middle of financial hardship it’s very wise to consider it’s necessity. Although I’ve heard many tales of such situations occurring from embezzlement or theft, the spiritual reason is always the same. It was a necessary impetus to personal growth. A layer of “shallowness” of the personality must go and a greater depth achieved. The longer it takes one to admit this, the more difficult it can be to cope with it. Being willing to accept the lesson ensures a healing of it and opportunity to connect with your power to rebuild your assets up again.

Here is a money mantra to help you emotionally and mentally release your financial losses and get back on the prosperity track.

“Things aren’t always as they appear for I am a powerful creator of good in my life.”

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