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The birth data for this horoscope interpretation is from Celebrity AstroSearch Database. You may view the chart referred to here.

Princess Di’s Cancerian energy appears to have consistently dominated her life in one way or another. Cancer has to do with one’s roots, tradition, mother, emotions and nurturing. Diana was well known for her maternal energies, both to her own children and to others she cared for. Her life was rife with emotional tensions, and issues with her own mother evidently colored her adulthood.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Diana’s Moon is in Aquarius. This is one indication of her early abandonment by her mother. Aquarius is a detached, impersonal energy. Her Moon is opposed by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. That opposition evidently reinforced the lack of closeness that Diana felt from those she loved. The impersonal nature of Aquarius also reflects a closeness to groups of people, or to humanity. Aquarius is considered to be “impersonal love,” or the love of ideals or principles. It’s nature is apparent in her marriage, wherein it’s focus was to serve a nation, not the individuals involved. Di was “mother to many” as a schoolteacher, to her nation and to those in pain and suffering.

However much Diana may have railed against her destiny, it’s need is well demonstrated by the Yod to her North Node. A Yod is also known as “The Finger of God,” and is a prime indication of personal destiny. It is a pattern of astrological points, which form a sort of arrow. An image of this pattern can be seen here. Diana’s Yod points to her North Node. The lower points of the Yod are Saturn, her Moon/South Node conjunction and the Nadir (the bottom of the chart). Each of these is a karmic indicator, showing ties to the past and to tradition. This is where she came from, and her destiny demanded that she grow into an acceptance of this broader form of love that is more inclusive. This is a natural growth cycle of evolution which served her as well as those around her. Her cycles of emotional illness were symptomatic of her resistance to this growth cycle. It isn’t uncommon that one resists the demands of the North Node. This is new and uncharted territory, and we are far more comfortable in our old habits of being. The old habits for her represent seclusion, privacy, and being respectful of authority. You can see how she evolved through much of this, and what she didn’t, she suffered from.

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Neptune in her 10th house shows both the illusory quality and “fairy tale” nature that characterized her public life. As with all Neptunian illusions, the seamier side of her private life was exposed and the resulting truth appeared even more harsh in comparison. Bulimia is considered a Neptunian affliction, as is a sense of victimization, and Diana stated that her condition was “caused by” her husband’s adultery.

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The 2nd anniversary of Diana’s death is today. Due to retrogrades and a very slow orbit, it happens that we have an astrological transit now which is close to that which was in effect the evening of her death. The planet Pluto is squaring the position of her birth (natal) Pluto. Actually, this aspect is a few degrees closer than it was then. We can look at this aspect to observe some of the basic conditions surrounding that time. Pluto is in her 12th house of secrets. Privacy issues run very high and there is a tendency to paranoia. Strong passions and an attraction to powerful and mysterious partners is common under this influence. Subconscious drives towards self-destruction are typical. A higher expression of this dark and compulsive energy is passionate service to those in need. We saw this tendency as well. If Diana had been able to open up more fully (the manifestation of her Leo North Node), she may have been able to exorcise these inner demons.

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Summary of Princess Diana’s Astrology Chart: Princess Diana’s emotional nature ran very deeply but was constrained by her upbringing and life choices. An obvious “child of destiny”, this is well reflected in her horoscope. It shows that her emotional needs ran parallel to the needs she perceived in the world around her. It also shows a potential drive toward self-destruction which quite possibly contributed to her demise.

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