Mercury: The Divine Messenger

In mythology, Mercury was the herald of the gods, having as one of his duties, guiding the souls of the dead down to the underworld. He is represented as an athletic young man, with winged sandals. We see his image used as a symbol for rapid floral deliveries today.

Mercury rules two signs of the zodiac, Gemini and Virgo. Both of these are intellectual signs, though Gemini is of the air element while Virgo is earth. Gemini in particular is associated with the communicative nature of Mercury, to the point where some Geminis are known to have their friends helplessly fleeing from a non-stop barrage of words.

The spiritual nature of Gemini though, is very impressive. We have often seen Geminis as channels or mediums, conveying the words of those beyond our mortal ken. Perhaps more magically however, is the ability that almost any Gemini can manifest, is to be in the right place, at the right time. Perhaps you’ve encountered one. Sitting at a bus stop, depressed, and the old woman next to you says just the right thing to start you thinking about a new dimension of your life. Or, you could be at a concert and happen to overhear a ‘chance’ remark from someone whose perception of the music elevates your enjoyment to a whole new level. This is Gemini.

Often, due to the apparent restless nature of the sign, the Gemini will seem to be everywhere. From a spiritual point of view, this makes perfect sense. She/he is honing their special perceptions and learning to articulate them in such a way that the rest of us may better understand. Mystically, we might say that the gods are looking through the eyes of the Gemini, and when that deity chooses to speak, perhaps we all should listen. This is Gemini.

Ruled by Mercury as well, of course Virgo is also a Divine messenger. In this sign however, this tendency takes on quite a different look. Where Gemini will delight and inform us, Virgo intends to improve us. With an innate understanding of the Divine which resides within us all, Virgo will see the beauty of the perfection which may be hidden inside the sometimes ugly mortal shell, and will be compelled to free it. Remember, as an earth sign, just talking about Divinity isn’t good enough for Virgo; it must be made tangible and real.

Virgo may be considered to be more of a servant of the gods, but with special gifts for humanity. For instance, that of healing. Mercury, or his Greek counterpart Hermes, carried the staff or caduceus, twined with two snakes and the modern emblem of the medical profession. Known more for it’s nursing skills rather than ‘doctoring’, the Virgo intuitively understands what is needed to provide essential comfort and for someone in pain.

Virgo is one of the karmic indicators in a chart, carrying the burden of service as an obligation. Although not every Virgo will relieve themselves through aiding their fellow man or beast (Virgo rules small animals), the more satisfied ones may be found quietly helping wherever they can. As Divine messengers, they are often impelled to bring the message of perfection to an often sorry world, goading and harrassing it if necessary, to wake up and smell heaven.

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