Discover Patricia Arquette in Medium: A TV Crime Show Like No Other

Have you ever woken suddenly in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from a dream that seemed eerily real?

You turn on the lights; your eyes search your surroundings for something, anything familiar, realizing you’re at home you finally let out a sigh of relief.

What if this happened to you almost every night?

And what would your life be like if later that day you turned on the evening news and these strange events you dreamed about had actually happened? Scary, huh?

Meet the Young Family Coping with Life with a Psychic

Medium TV Series CastIn the CBS television series Medium, this is the life that Emmy award winning actress Patricia Arquette (Allison DuBois) has come to terms with living.

Not only does she have to cope with dreams that are snapshots of deadly, dangerous events, she deals with it all while being a young wife to husband Joe (Jake Weber,) raising three young girls, and working with the D.A. (Miguel Sandoval) and a detective on the police force (David Cubitt.)

In this chilling, unusual television series Arquette utilizes her psychic gift to aid the local police department (Phoenix, Arizona) in solving crimes.

Sometimes the police bring her the case and sometimes after vivid, frightening dreams Arquette brings the crimes to the attention of the police.

This captivating television show, although somewhat mainstream and sensationalized, is a refreshing change from many of the “prime time” crime dramas.

Featuring a woman (Arquette) as the lead with psychic abilities that lead to numerous mysteries being uncovered and solved, this television series is different than many of the other predictable crime shows.

Deadly Drama at Work and Baffling Drama at Home

Arquette along with husband Joe and their three children (Ariel, Bridgette, and Marie) deal with the many pressures of daily life that come with working and raising three children all while managing a unique, often misunderstood psychic ability.

The oldest daughter of the couple, Ariel, also shares her mother’s psychic gift. This brings sometimes unwanted dreams and visions to a young teenage girl who isn’t as equipped as her mother to handle them.

The fifth season explores many of the issues Ariel faces as she can “see” many scary, hideous things about her classmates she’d often rather not.

During the fifth season of Medium the family moves in and out of potential tragedies and drama often brought on by Allison’s dreams.

Arquette’s character uses her gift to do good and help others. She is a devoted mother, wife, and is equally committed to using her psychic powers to save lives and bring justice to the many families whose loved ones have been murdered, kidnapped, or the victims of other heinous crimes.

Her character is altruistic, loving, and real. She isn’t portrayed as a glamorous, Hollywood star but rather a true, down to earth wife and mother of three dealing with regular day to day life.

The difference is this mom’s dreams open the doorway to danger, adventure, and give her the tools to help others live and solve crimes.

New Mysteries and Psychic Phenomena Every Week

Part of the brilliance of this television series is that each week is a new story plot. You don’t have to watch week to week to know what is happening in this engaging show.

Every week is new and exciting story line involving psychic phenomena, crime, as well as family, love, and the daily trials life brings to all of us.

The fifth season features story lines that involve other family members too.

In one episode Allison’s daughter Bridgett begins drawing strange pictures of her elementary school teacher.

Are these drawings a foreshadowing of problem for the teacher? Will Bridgette’s sharing this unique, sometimes difficult to handle psychic gift lead to more problems in her young life?

In another episode you’ll find Allison unable to control her obsessive building of a mysterious and dangerous object in the family’s garage? Will Joe stop her before this deadly, unexplainable compulsion kills the entire family?

Follow the family as Allison is stalked and the family hides out in their own home as they are rattled with fear, not knowing if they’ll survive through the night.

Mystery and Drama Mixed with Ordinary Life

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Not only are the story lines full of mystery and chilling drama they also encompass the ordinary trials and tribulations of everyday life in America.

The children encounter problems with peers, drugs, and even feelings of not getting enough attention from mom and dad.

Allison and Joe have to take on the challenge of a possible move as Joe is offered a new job. Just like many other couples, the marriage faces crisis of its own.

The drama and intrigue don’t stop as ghosts visit Allison and the family, her body becomes a host for the dead to put to rest unfinished business, and she even tries to help Joe save his career amidst a scandal through her extraordinary psychic abilities.

Medium is an unusual, interesting television series that isn’t quite like the other shows you’ll find on prime time television.

Medium is a much needed, uplifting break from the regular television crime shows. You just may get hooked on this unique television series that most people can relate to while getting a sneak peak into the life of a true psychic.

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