The Ultimate Relaxing Massage Using the Ultimate Massage Oil

Pat Mayrhofer has years of experience practicing and teaching stone therapy to professionals around the world.

As part of her teaching, Mayrhofer shares her knowledge of what supplies work best for both the client and the therapist, including massage oil.

There are a few qualities a massage oil should posses in order for therapist to offer the most professional and relaxed massage to clients.

Hot Stone Massage Expert Pat Mayrhofer

Pat Mayrhofer is known around the world for her knowledge and experience in massage therapy, cosmetology, and stone therapy. Mayrhofer has included stone therapy in her own practice since 1998, and since that time has traveled around the globe sharing her knowledge with other therapists in educational seminars with her company, Nature’s Stone, Inc.

Vials of Oil and Massage StonesMayrhofer treats stone therapy as an art form, and believes in practicing it safely as a serious professional. Hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing massages one can receive, as the hot stones warm the muscles deeply and creates an ultra-relaxed sensation. And because the therapist is able to work the tissue deeper without discomfort to the client or to his or herself, Mayrhofer recommends hot stone massage as a therapeutic therapy for both client and practitioner.

Benefits of Massage Oil

Because massage therapy—including hot stone massage—must incorporate body mechanics and make the massage flow comfortably, it is essential to use massage oil.

Massage oil not only enhances the relaxation experienced by the client, but it can help with healing or with pain relief, depending on the type of massage. It also allows the therapist’s hands to glide easily along the skin, giving more comfort to the client. Massage oil also acts as a wonderful nourishment for the skin, adding moisture and leaving a soft texture.

Watch Pat Mayrhofer Discuss Benefits Of Ultimate Massage Oil

Qualities of a Great Massage Oil

Mayrhofer stresses the importance of using a high-quality massage oil in one’s practice, especially when working with stones. Qualities of a good massage oil include:

  • Lightweight, not heavy like creams
  • Safe to apply to the body head to toe, especially around sensitive areas like the face
  • Easy to mix with essential oils for aromatherapy treatments
  • Easy to clean and won’t stain clothes or sheets

Mayrhofer emphasizes the easy-to-clean quality of a good massage oil. Heavy oils or creams can clog the pores of the stones, providing excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Dirty and damaged stones have to be replaced, increasing the business expenses for the therapist.

In Mayrhofer’s own practice and Nature’s Stone, Inc.’s teaching, the massage oil they recommend is Ultra Pro Massage Oil as it meets and exceeds all the qualities Mayrhofer explained a good oil should have.

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