What a Quantum Leap: What’s your Quantum Reality?

The same sub-atomic particles which are the building blocks of our bodies also create the earth we stand on. In actual fact though, these aren’t particles, but are pulses of energy. Therefore, our physical universe is composed of energy. These energy impulses contain information which determines the eventual form which results. This energy has been proven to respond to human thought. Speculation exists that this energy is thought. This is why the practice of metaphysics is so effective. Consciously training our thoughts to move in specific directions produces results in the physical universe. This practice is nothing new. References to it may be found in every documented religious system throughout history. The science to explain it exists now and with it, a more solid frame of reference.

The bottom line is that we live in a created reality. Our experience of material existence has been created by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and opinions. Being largely unaware of how we do this, doesn’t escape the fact that it’s happening in a similar fashion to how our hearts beat without our conscious control. Just as some East Indian Yogis have learned to control their heartbeats, so can we as metaphysicians, control these creationist thoughts.

Recognition of this principle is the point at which many side trips in consciousness may be taken. A common one is denial. This occurs when one doesn’t wish to take responsibility for the creation of their reality and instead chooses to assume that they are a victim of their circumstances. Another sideroad is when someone who has previously felt victimized by their reality chooses to use the principles of metaphysics to gain control and perhaps, to get revenge.

Either of these sidetrips is ultimately self destructive. The unhappy victim goes back to their unfulfilling life, but with the added knowledge that it may not be necessary. The angry person who tries to dominate or control others can expend an enormous amount of energy in activities which rarely work and if they do, are impermanent. This has the effect of causing them to feel less in control than ever.

A recognized principle in Metaphysics is that material confirmation or support of a thought or belief increases it’s tangible manifestation. This is why such external supports such as images, rituals, chants, etc., can sometimes assist the process. Warning is given however, that to assign the power of the manifestation to it’s external representation is limiting. “Thou Shalt Place No Other Gods Before Me” is practical metaphysical wisdom. The source of metaphysical manifestation is on the inner planes, not in the outer trappings.

When we go a bit beyond the scientific principles we discover that there is an intelligence which moves all these bits of energy around. Although our thoughts have a great deal to do with the outcomes we experience, there’s something more involved. This “something more” is defined as God/dess, Spirit, a Higher Power, whatever term you’re comfortable with. Whatever It is, It has intelligence, consciousness and benevolence. It must be benevolent because It is a unified field, as Einstein would have put it, and it’s absurd to expect It to do violence to Itself. We are part of this as well, so it’s unreasonable to expect that It would act other than benevolently towards us.

Living a Quantum Reality lifestyle is quite a bit different from living by Newtonian principles of cause and effect. When we take responsibility for the events in our lives, we then have the opportunity to change our thoughts, thus changing the nature of the events we experience.

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