Finding and Keeping Love: Audio Program a Guide to Building a Successful Relationship

Internationally recognized therapist Dr. Harville Hendrix explains that relationships are powerful and natural, and can serve as a necessary component in one’s personal healing.

In his audio program, Finding and Keeping Love: An Imago-Based Program for Getting the Love You Want (Sounds True), Dr. Hendrix shares with listeners insights on successful relationship building using his Imago Relationship Therapy.

By learning to recognize one’s subconsciously-idealized partner and growing a deeper understanding of one’s self, a strong, healthy, and loving relationship can be achieved.

Creator of Imago Relationship Therapy

Author Harville HendrixDr. Harville Hendrix has a Ph.D. in psychology and religion from Divinity School at the University of Chicago. With over thirty years experience as a therapist and teacher, Dr. Hendrix works with couples and single people regarding relationships. Oprah Magazine has referred to him as “the marriage whisperer.” Dr. Hendrix is an author of meditation guides, videos for couples, and several books, including the New York Times bestsellers, Getting and Keeping the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples (Holt Paperbacks) and Keeping the Love You Find: A Personal Guide (Atria Books).

Along with his wife, Dr. Helen LaKelley Hunt, he has created Imago Relationship Therapy, an approach used by therapists all over the globe who work with couples on healing processes and understanding relationship psychology.

Understanding Our Imago

The Imago is the image each person carries subconsciously that reflects his or her ideal partner. Love and relationships are about more than what we identify with consciously; the Imago also influences us. It is developed during childhood from personal experiences and early relationships with others.

When we experience the feeling of “fading romance” in our relationships, Dr. Hendrix notes this is because our expected or idealized versions of our partner is being replaced by his or her actual version. This can cause turbulence and strain in the relationship. To overcome this, Dr. Hendrix suggests expressing oneself using Imago dialogue, an honest communication strategy.

Gain Insights on Successful Relationships

Audio Program Finding and Keeping LoveIn Finding and Keeping Love, Dr. Hendrix guides listeners through a self-study program of discovering themselves and identifying the necessary components of true, deep love.

This program—available as an audio download or a 6 CD set—covers a variety of discussions, including:

  • how to understand how our own Imago was formed;
  • how to identify the qualities we truly desire in a partner;
  • how to recognize the subconscious elements that attract us to certain people; and
  • exercises and instructions on how to have Imago dialogues with your partner in order to build a stronger, more passionate love.

Finding and Keeping Love is designed for people who are in a relationship as well as people who are seeking a partner. With tips and insights on cultivating strong unions, this audio program will give a greater understanding of one’s self, partner, and intimate relationship.

For more information, please click > Finding and Keeping Love: An Imago-Based Program for Getting the Love You Want by Dr. Harville Hendrix

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