Overcome Midlife Crisis and Gain More Purpose with Audio Learning Course

The term midlife crisis is often used to describe the point in time when many people reflect on their life journey and question whether or not there is more to it.

Through the Dark Wood: Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life (Sounds True) is an audio learning guide by James Hollis that gives listeners active steps to recognizing that the midlife crisis period is an opportunity to finally embrace one’s authentic life.

The “dark wood” is what poet Dante referred to as the period of fading youth. Hollis teaches in this program that this period of maturing is about focusing on creating a life filled with true purpose.

About James Hollis

Jung Analyst James HollisLicensed Jung analyst James Hollis has combined his years of experience with clients of his private practice in Houston, Texas to develop this self-healing audio course. By tapping into the unconscious and underlying forces that influence one’s behavior, personal development and healing can be achieved through a mind-spirit connection.

Hollis is the author of 13 psychology-based books, including Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path (Inner City Books), What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life (Gotham Books), and Why Good People Do Bad Things: Understanding Our Darker Sides (Gotham Books).

Create Genuine Fulfillment

Available as an audio download or 6 CD set, Through the Dark Wood directs listeners through the steps to take when seeking fulfillment in their period of maturity. Hollis notes that the second half of one’s life is about bringing a deeper value to day-to-day living as well as overall purpose.

How do you know you’ve reached this important midlife point? Hollis explains that when you realize your “false self”—or the person you’ve created based on the expectations of others—collides with your “true self”—the person you are instinctively—you are ready to begin the second phase of your life.

Through the Dark Wood by James HollisSome of the common challenges people finding themselves considering during this point of time include:

  • creating more genuine relationships with others;
  • finding value in career and role in life;
  • developing deeper spiritual connections and understandings; and
  • ridding themselves of the beliefs that no longer serve purpose for their truths.

Through the Dark Wood gives people the wisdom and strength to enter the second half of life in harmonic relationship with their body, mind, and spirit. This transformative and self-healing audio program is a resource listeners will find invaluable as they consider their life’s greater purpose and seek to embrace their authentic self.

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