Astrology and business? Finding a business suitable for your star-sign

As an Entrepreneur you may have many things to consider before starting a business. Well: Astrology isn’t a science but a lot of people seem to relate to their star-sign. Perhaps it doesn’t matter if you actually believe in astrology, it might just help you feel somewhat connected with the universe, with the seasons or with other people. It might also help you when you are faced with important decisions, like starting your own business by maybe providing some insight into who you are and what your innate inclinations might be. So if you’re looking for some insight or inspiration, below are some business ideas that each star-sign might find passion for.



Aries has a headstrong personality and a fiery heart, they tend to get in over their heads most of the time without actually thinking through the details. They have very dynamic personalities and are definitely natural born leaders albeit a little bit disoriented and disorganized at times. They can thrive in a faced paced environment such as any corporate agency setting as they tend to be competitive and they are also very athletic. When choosing your business idea Aries try to stay faithful to what evokes passion in you and you enjoy doing, so you won’t get deterred by the less interesting aspects of starting a business. Some fitting business ideas for you might be a real-estate agency, advertising agency, crossfit gym, currency trading business, legal consulting firm, market research firm or a martial arts studio.



Taurus is more grounded as an individual, being an earth sign, and likes to opt for security over high risk enterprises. This sign also has an innate inclination for earthly things such as food, sleep and generally all pleasures. Some business ideas a Taurus might find appealing are: cake business, convenience store, dance studio, diner, farmers market, drive-in movie theatre, ice cream parlor, personal training business, house sitting business or a massage therapy business.


Gemini is an airy sign and very communicative with words, gestures and their whole being. They enjoy talking to other people and exchanging ideas as they are very intellectual and they find conversations particularly stimulating. Some business ideas for this talkative star-sign might be a business consulting firm, project management consulting business, recruiting business, public relations agency, social media marketing business, tour company, theatre company, YouTube business or an advertising agency.


Cancer is a rather indecisive sign that tends to be cautious and sensitive. They are very compassionate and caring individuals that find value in working to aid others although they might have a hard time figuring out what exactly they want to do in life. Some business ideas that might bring meaning to this signs life are: animal rescue business, babysitting business, beekeeping business, bookstore, cat café, burial at sea service, children’s book business, doula service, first aid training business, sport memorabilia business, walk in clinic or special needs coaching business.


Leo is a dynamic sign and they make for great leaders, they are authoritative and like to be the center of attention although sometimes are a bit overindulgent and like taking things slow and enjoying life. What are some appropriate business ideas for this hardworking star-sign? public speaking instruction business, recruiting business, talent agency, web development company, zoo business, aerial arts studio, architecture firm, accounting firm, bank, bitcoin mining business, catering business, business consulting firm, co-working space business or entertainment business.


Virgo natives are very organized and practical, many people consider them “neat freaks” because they seem preoccupied with cleanliness. They are really interested in how the body works meaning they find interest in nutrition and healthcare in general. They are very intellectual and sometimes a bit too judgmental but they are quite hard working individuals. Some business ideas that this star-sign might find of interest are:  electronics repair business, health food store, healthy fast food restaurant, gymnastic classes business, home health care business, hospice business, laundry delivery service, lawn care business, juice bar, laundry and dry cleaning business or musical instrument repair business.


Libra is a sign that seeks out balance they tend to have amicable personalities and are rather sociable despite being indecisive at times. They are also very intellectual and have good diplomatic skills always seeking out the middle ground keeping all parties happy. Libra natives might enjoy the following business ideas: law firm, hotel business, Instagram business, jewelry store, life coaching business, modelling agency, online dating consulting business, restaurant, quilt business, shoe line or social media influencer business.


Scorpio is a very passionate sign, they put their heart and soul in whatever they do and they are very possessive of people and things. They are also very good investigators as they like to analyze the human psyche and find it hard sometimes to trust other people. Whatever they might do in life they definitely persevere and never give up until they have attained their goal. Some good business ideas for this passionate sign are: bounty hunter business, security guard company, self-defense training business, axe throwing party business, tattoo parlor, tea shop, tax preparation business, window tinting business or pest control service.


Sagittarius natives are free spirits and prefer a line of work and lifestyle that isn’t too confining. They tend to be optimistic, adventurous and like to meet people from all walks of life, at times they can have a short fuse but usually don’t linger on the negative aspects of life. What kind of business ideas might appeal to this independent sign? Outdoor store, online magazine, Pilates studio, rage room, self storage business, screenwriting business, skate shop, sports photography business, swim school, summer camp, walking tour business or archery range.


Capricorns are rather conservative but very ambitious. They tend to make careful but very lucrative business decisions and are always interested in climbing the social ladder to success. They also have a good relationship with material things and identify through status symbols, these things might seem superficial but they are also very loyal and dependable. Some suitable business ideas might be: insurance agency, air duct cleaning business, car dealership, debt collection agency, business plan writing service, car wash or career coach business.


Aquarians tend to be trailblazers and prefer to do things their way even though it might seem weird or even eccentric to other people. They are rather independent and detached but are humanitarians at their essence. Some business ideas for these progressive individuals might be: custom car shop, custom doll business, energy drink business, edible cookie dough café, escape room business or gem sales business.


Pisceans are creative, sensitive, intuitive and compassionate individuals. They believe in a higher cause in everything they do and are artistically and spiritually inclined. They are very open minded and can become good counsellors but also need an outlet for their creative spirit such as marketing, art, fashion or music. Some business ideas they might enjoy are: Reiki business, relationship coaching business, swim school, freelance writing business, ghostwriting business, yoga business, fitness apparel business, illustration business, mermaid business, swim school, surfing school, astrology business, social media marketing business, sea salt business or psychic business

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