Inducing Greater Consciousness: Increase Your Potential by Expanding Your Mind Power

It has often been said that the human brain is the most complex and wondrous computer in existence. All man-made technology must defer to the superiority of this amazing organ. It is also common to hear that we utilize a very small percentage of our brain’s power. I would like to suggest that exploration of this uncharted territory within our own heads is the most valuable technological advance that will happen in the next millennium. Our brain records every thought, emotion, activity and event in our life. The brain does not only contain information regarding this lifetime, but for every event from every lifetime that our soul has experienced. As we learn to access and utilize more facets of our mind, we experience less limitation and a greater sense of belonging to the world as a whole. Our personal brain becomes linked in with the Divine Brain, or with Divine Mind as our conscious awareness expands. Spiritual Masters, such as the Buddha or Jesus, have made that great leap in thought to become one with the Divine Mind.

Perhaps this also means these great Teachers are using more of the physical brain than the average person. There is an intriguing link between mysticism and science at this point. We know there is so much unaccessed portions of our brain, and we observe that every once in a while, a human makes a great leap in thinking and appears to become “superhuman”. In the new millennium, this could be the destiny for all of us. Because we each have a brain full of vast unused resources, we each have the ability to be “psychic” or “intuitive”. We can all reach nirvana or live in continual bliss. It is the birthright for us all to feel harmony with all life and with the Spirit behind all life. The question is, how to begin the process? One major step must be to refuse all concepts of limitation. Truly, limitations are manifestations based upon habitual thought patterns. Thought patterns can be broken. Powerful new ideas can take root in your mind.

It is important to gain the support of like-minded people, since most folks may be frightened by the changes you wish to make and may hold you back. You may even want to release some relationships that do not serve you anymore. Another step to opening your consciousness is forgiveness. Begin with yourself. You have made most of your choices and lived the majority of your life under the illusion of limited possibilities. Forgive yourself for destructive patterns of thinking and behaving. Forgive yourself for poor relationship or career choices. Also forgive the people in your life, for they live under the veil of limitation as well. Of course, this does not mean you should condone or tolerate abusive situations, yet to “unglue” yourself, forgiveness is an helpful tool for freedom and for releasing resentment. These first two suggestions are meant to “weed the garden” of your mind, for inducing consciousness to contain more awareness.

The next phase is to fertilize the soil of your brain. It is at this juncture that meditation or relaxation techniques are essential. In this way, we can bring a higher gradient of thought into our minds — just as we mix higher quality soil to enhance a garden. Meditation may consist of sitting and chanting, or walking in the woods, or watching a flower swaying in the summer breeze, or practicing yoga. Each person must find a way in which to soothe their clamoring mind and create a bridge for more peaceful thoughts and sensations to enter in. The maintenance of our “millennial garden” is an on-going process. We must weed regularly, uprooting thoughts of negativity and limitation, and by forgiving our shortcomings along with those of others. We continue to fertilize our soil with meditation/relaxation, making sure the baby seedlings of powerful thoughts have adequate nourishment.

The final action in awakening the potential of our higher millennial consciousness in non-action. We must have patience in the process of our unfoldment. This is where we have faith and await the Grace of God, or, if you prefer, wait for our karma to begin moving in the new direction in which we have steered it. The only action that is possible now is to water the “garden” with earnest desire for growth, and sincere devotion to the process of expanding your soul.

If we can conquer fear and limitation within our own mind, we will have the most powerful piece of technology at our service, which is an enlightened brain. Spiritual Masters have known this “simple secret” for ages, and have attempted to teach it to their followers. The exciting part of the new millennium is that we are moving into a time when more people will be acting upon this empowering information, and not merely honoring those who have made the leap into expanded, unitive consciousness. When people were in awe of Jesus, he declared, “Greater works than these you shall do”. He meant that each one of us holds the seeds of greatness within ourselves. The new millennium is the time when we can become Masters of our own inner machinery and work in harmony with the Divine Brain of the Cosmos.

By Aluna Michaels

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