Horoscopes – Astrology Chart of the Dalai Lama

Reviewing the Dalai Lama’s astrology provides a wonderful teaching chart, being unusual enough to capture the interest and able to be compared to modern, confirmed history.

The natal chart first shows its colors with two distinctive patterns; the locomotive and the kite. His locomotive is led by Saturn, telling us that it is his sense of responsibility which drives him. Also, this is what motivates others to follow him. He is viewed as an authority figure, and in Pisces of course, he is seen as a spiritual authority.

The kite has his Moon/Neptune conjunction in Virgo as the apex, indicating a grounded spirituality, also a long memory! This memory business is repeated by having Mercury in the 12th house. These are classic indicators of someone with past live recall. The kite formation speaks of evolved spirituality anyway, but the Moon/Neptune position emphasizes this tendency.

His Holiness is a double Cancer, both Sun and ascendent in the sign. This means that he is sensitive, emotional and home loving. The emphasis on home shows up in the pattern of his life, with his exile from Tibet and his efforts to protect the Tibetan people. The Cancerian theme is repeated throughout the horoscope.

His Moon/Neptune conjunction is also about this inclination towards home and the sacrifice involved for him. Neptune will always demand a sacrifice of the egoic needs, and his personal home has been sacrificed twice. Once when he left his childhood home and secondly, at his exile. With these planets positioned in Virgo, he probably feels very responsible for these events and the effects they may have had on others. This becomes a sort of karmic situation, in that he must try to rectify these situations in order to ease his conscience.

As noted in the Dalai Lama’s astrology chart his mars in the 4th house repeats this Cancerian theme. It also describes his will towards peaceful resolution. This is a position which attracts conflict, making it necessary to be the peacekeeper.

The powerfully aspected Cancer Sun tells us something about his charm and cheerfulness. Combined with Venus in Leo, we know that he is well versed in understanding the needs of others and how to put them at ease. He has an instinct towards protecting those he cares for and will do what he can to nurture those he feels a responsibility to.

The 1st house Pluto/South Node conjunction indicates that he is quite capable of being a scary dude. Note that the Tibetan people are prohibited by Chinese law to even have pictures of his face, let alone include him openly in their devotions. To me, this aspect is also indicative of power brought forward from the past. It signals his ability to retain his authority from past incarnations and to be able to withstand the transformation of reincarnation.

The North Node in Capricorn speaks of the necessity of his leaving the sanctuary of home, going out into the world and independently demonstrating his ability to make it on his own (note the Nobel Peace Prize).

Summary of Dalai Lama’s Astrology Chart: Various astrologers have focused on different interpretations of this chart, and I’ve chosen to emphasize the longevity of spirit of this remarkable individual. There are several points in the chart which bring up his long memory, the power he’s brought forward from past lives, and the current life necessity to alter a long-standing prior pattern of existence. This trait of his, to retain his memory from one lifetime to the next is of course, the primary identifier of this being and what causes him to stand out from the beginning.

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