Reduce Stress, Release Energy Blocks, and Feel Better

As more people are seeking alternative and non-invasive treatments for what ails them, alternative healing modalities, such as Bioenergetic Therapy are becoming more mainstream and recognized as viable treatment options.

When you visit a Bioenergetic Specialist, be assured that you are in the hands of a well-trained professional. A specialist will have over five years of training before receiving their degree, which entitles them to practice this type of healing modality.

As a bodywork technique a trained therapist helps the body release blocked energy to alleviate chronic tensions and stresses, which can be caused from emotional, or childhood trauma, or other stresses. A trained professional knows how to address issues that provoke imbalances on all levels, physical, emotional, and mental.

Bioenergetic exercises can also be most beneficial to aid the release of blocked energy. There are couples exercises, and individual exercises especially designed to to help restore the body’s balance. For example, Bioenergetic exercise classes offer a unique movement experience.

If you study the work of Dr. Alexander Lowen, you will learn about the energy patterns of the body as you experience the exercises. which are designed as a holistic practice. They combine breathing, stretching, grounding, and self-expression. This combination promotes relaxation of muscular tension and chronic holding in the body.

If you find yourself dealing with excess tension and feel emotionally on edge you just might want to seek out a Bioenergetic Specialist in your area and give it a try. You just might find a reduction in your daily stress level followed by a good nights sleep

A bioenergetic exercise class just may be the kind of addiction that your body is really craving.

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