Connecting with your Sacred Symbols – A Free Meditation for Awakening and Filling Your Senses

A Free Meditation By Sandy Breckenridge

Through your senses you can retrieve useful intuitive information. The following meditation is created for this purpose. It will help you by awakening and filling your senses, which in turn can help you access and develop your intuition. As you’re guided through the meditation, you’ll have an opportunity to acknowledge and connect with all five of your senses. A couple more benefits you may notice are a greater sense of vitality and a more integrated sense of well-being.

Before beginning, get a paper and pen or pencil handy. There are times during the meditation when you will be guided to receive intuitive information that you will want to jot down. You may receive this information in the form of a symbol or totem. Or perhaps a thought or image may come to mind. Whatever you receive, jot it down without feeling the need to judge it. The freedom to allow whatever comes into your thoughts and on to the paper is what makes the results of this meditation and exercise so beneficial. It is designed to help you reclaim the wisdom within your senses, which will in turn aid you in connecting with your personal authenticity. Your conscious mind will become more aware of your senses and how your senses can serve you intuitively.

You may wish to read the meditation once before beginning the actual exercise. This way you’ll be more relaxed and prepared to jot down what you receive during the experience. Another idea is to use a voice recorder to capture the words in your own voice, leaving pauses between the paragraphs.

Before beginning the exercise, affirm that you’ll be able to open your eyes and write down whatever word, picture, or symbol you receive. Your intention to do so will guide and assist you in flowing with the connections you make during the meditation, as you align and awaken each sense one by one.

To begin, find yourself a comfortable place to sit where you will be uninterrupted for about twenty minutes. Have your tablet and pen or pencil ready for when it comes time to write down what you receive.

Let’s begin.

As you’re sitting, begin to notice your breathing. Take three or four deep breaths, feeling the breath on its intake into your body and its exhale outward.

Notice your body and its connection to the surface upon which you are sitting. Feel the security of this support connecting you to the floor. Acknowledge this connection and how grounding it is to sense your body connected to the surface, the surface to the floor, and the floor to the earth.

Spend a few moments noticing how relaxed this makes you feel, knowing you are in the present moment, grounded and centered within your body. Now take a moment and connect with your sense of smell. Feel the temperature of the air as it enters through your nostrils. Breathe in and out a few times as you become aware of your sense of smell.

Now that you are connected to your sense of smell, ask to recall a time where you were engaged in great pleasure, a time when your sense of smell delighted you, when you felt happy and satisfied. As you inhale, breathe in the memory of the fragrances surrounding you during this time.

Now connect to a time when your sense of smell protected you–when it directed you, keeping you cared for and safe. You may be connecting to a time of this life or a remembrance of another time when your sense of smell served you.

Feel assured as you easily recognize the trust you have for your ability to smell. As you breathe in and sense this time, you know within how your sense of smell has served your highest good.

Now that you’ve established a wonderful connection with your sense of smell, your intuition connected to this sense is presenting you with a symbol. This symbol easily comes to you and is placed within your grasp.

Take a few moments to view this symbol so that you sense it clearly before you. Notice how easy it is to hold this symbol in your consciousness, as you allow your eyes to open. You’re now able to effortlessly place a mark on the paper next to you, a mark that represents this power symbol.

Recognize that any time you wish, this symbol will connect you to the power that is available to you through your sense of smell. Take a moment to reaffirm this connection you have made with this symbol and the joy it brings you.

Take a moment to really feel the essence of this symbol that you have marked on your paper.

Now reconnect with the rhythm of your breath once again. Notice it flowing in and out of your body. As you feel this wonderful connection with your breath, notice how your breathing soothes your eyes by providing oxygen to aid your sight.

Now your attention is easily guided to your sense of sight, where you remember how your vision moves both inward and outward. Isn’t it wonderful to recognize how your sight has no limits, no boundaries? Your sight is actually able to see the entire cosmos.

Allow your attention to move to a time when your sight gave you great gifts. Allow your mind’s eye to bring a picture of this time into visual clarity. As your attention connects to this moment, your inner sight is able to bring it into clear focus.

Explore what you see with your inner sight. Notice the images before you. Your inner sight easily moves about, exploring between things, around things, over things, under things, and through things.

With ease, your inner sight moves upward to give you a bird’s eye view. You feel a sense of well-being as you embrace the view that is before you.

As you are viewing the scenery, you begin to notice one image that stands out. Its definition becomes clearer as it rises up from the scene to meet you. This clear image is the symbol your inner vision wishes to give you as a reminder of its desire to serve you unconditionally.

It wants to make you aware that your vision is perfect. All that you wish to see can be brought forth anytime because your inner sight is aligned with your intuition and highest and best good.

As you bring this symbol into full focus, you easily open your eyes and mark a representation of this symbol on your paper. It’s wonderful to know that this symbol is there to always remind you that you can connect with your inner vision anytime you wish.

Now take a few breaths and further relax. Feel your body’s shape being embraced by the surface upon which you are resting. Feel the flow of life moving through you, energizing every cell in your body with vitality and good health.

Perhaps you are eager to connect to the part of your body where you store the sensation of touch. As you do this, imagine feeling yourself touching the softest, smoothest fabric as if it were lying in your lap.

As your hand glides over this imaginary luscious fabric, ask to remember a time where you were enveloped in the sensation of touch. Remember when this sensation left you feeling delightfully supported, nurtured, and connected. Remember how your sense of touch served you. It supported you in knowing what choices to make. It left you with cellular imprints and memories that wished to serve you. This awareness helped you grow.

As you are comforted by these memories and your sense of touch, feel your entire being reaching upward. As you do so your guardian angel recognizes this gesture as a desire to connect. Now you and your guardian angel are touching and a great connection of love passes between the two of you.

Your guardian angel’s touch is so soothing. You sense that your angel has the gift of a symbol for you. As you touch hands, this symbol is laid within your palm.

You are easily able to recognize this symbol because your sense of touch recognizes its shape and texture. Your guardian angle acknowledges that this symbol wishes to invoke within you the remembrance of how touch has served you. As you accept the gift within this symbol, its wisdom becomes clearer and clearer.

See if you can notice how easy it is to open your eyes as you are guided to make a mark on your paper that represents this image.

It may be reassuring to know this symbol wishes to connect you to the infinite wisdom of your sense of touch. You feel honored by your guardian angel as you are reminded that you can recall this symbol anytime you wish.

Now allow your eyes to close as you breathe in and out. Notice how all your inner parts are eager to align with your breath so they may connect with the knowledge of all of your senses. Feel the playfulness of your senses as your breath connects with them.

Now, imagine the sound of your heart beating within your body. Listen to its rhythm beating steadily. Notice your heart beating alongside the sound of your breath, as the air moves in and out of your body. Your breath and heart are playing together, creating sweet music for your inner ear to listen to.

As you enjoy this sweet music, you become aware of how your heart and breath are connected to the heart and breath of the universe. They are blending together creating one breath and one heartbeat. Your inner ear listens intently to the sound of the universe as the sound is gently amplified. The tone and sound begins to deepen and define until you actually hear the sound of the life force energy within all things, including you.

You can feel reassured, knowing that your inner hearing is here to serve you as you softly hear the whispers of your guides and angels. One of the guide’s voices now begins to stand out from the others. There is a message this guide is eager to give to you.

Perhaps you feel excitement as your inner ear begins to clearly hear the message your guide is giving you. It seems the message comes to you in the form of thoughts that you can hear through your attentive inner ear.

Notice how easy it can be to hear your guide’s message. It’s just as easy to transform this message into a power symbol that connects you to your inner ear. This symbol is there to remind you that you will always be able to hear with your inner ear. It lets you know that you are clairaudient and that your intuition will guide you.

As this symbol becomes crystal clear, you are able to easily open your eyes and place a mark on your paper that represents this special symbol. What a special gift! Your body takes in its essence and feels soothed.

As your breath easily moves through the cells of your body, your attention connects with the deliciousness of your sense of taste. Your taste buds become enlivened and awakened. The moisture increases in your mouth and reminds you of a time after a drought when your thirst was quenched.

This reminder wants to serve you by filling your taste buds. It leads you to another time where you drank the nectar of abundance, lavish juices, and ate delicious foods. The fullness you received was so vast you knew you would never be hungry again for anything. You were filled with all possibility and you relished the tastes.

As the richness of your sense of taste comforts you, it begins to form a symbol. You can actually taste this symbol like you would taste one of your favorite foods. This symbol wishes to remind you that the universe is truly abundant and you are connected to all things, that your nature’s divinity is rich and full, and at any moment abundance is there for your choosing.

As your physical sense of taste makes you aware of the sensations within your mouth, the wisdom of your inner taste brings this symbol into clarity. It presents itself on a golden platter before you. You recognize this symbol, as it becomes clearer and clearer.

You easily open your eyes and place a mark of this image on your paper. You are feeling comforted knowing your sense of taste has the ability to connect with your intuition in ways that support abundance on all levels in your life.

Now gather your symbols and reflect on this beautiful journey with your inner senses. As you do, your guides and angels join in to celebrate the filling of your senses and this sacred reunion. They want to remind you that at anytime you will be able to consciously recall your sacred symbols. Each symbol knows it has a job to do and it wants to sustain the connection with its designated sense within you. By remembering your symbols, you empower the wisdom of each of your intuitive senses to connect with the heart of the universe where all wisdom and knowledge is known.

Now it is time to come back to the present moment. Your angels and guides want to remind you that they will stay with you as you gently come back to the present moment. They want you to know they are always close by. As you feel the surface upon which you’ve been resting, know your eyes will be able to open when you are ready. You will also be able to recall and freely express the guidance you integrated and received. You lovingly take the time your body needs as you fully awaken filled with vitality, balanced energy, health, and well-being.

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