Butterfly Effect: Alchemical Transformation

It’s currently accepted that the basis for alchemical transformation has to come from the inner being of the alchemist.

Changing lead into gold is the concept most people think of when it comes to alchemy. This type of transformation is accepted as a possiblity in alchemy and many magical operations. Where alchemy and metaphysics come together however, is in the inner work necessary to make these rituals work.

Transformation is a word sometimes lightly used in New Age terminology. When we look at the reality of the concept it actually means a complete change, a metamorphosis like a caterpillar to a butterfly, where the effect is a total transformation. This is not a superficial endeavor.

In Eastern Philosophy there’s a belief system called Raja Yoga. This form of yoga is less involved with physical work than the types of yoga we normally hear about. It is known as the yoga of nobility or “The Royal Path”. This defines very well the activities required for deep inner transformation. The premise is that you actually change yourself into a different person.

In order to accomplish this, one must get a visual image of the kind of person you want to be. This can be someone of higher integrity, great wealth or beauty, or ability. Then you project yourself into the image, playing “let’s pretend”, imagining that you are that person. A variation on this that I’ve found works very well, is to be looking into a mirror while doing it.

If you want to change, from a sad person to a happy one, from a shyster to someone legitimate, action must be taken. Yes, inspiration can most definitely assist, but your willingness to do the work is essential.

This kind of alchemical transformation is a reality, observable and proveable. Ancient alchemists were frequently known as hermits, in my opinion because they required the deep privacy necessary to change. Privacy is often essential to this process, because we have surrounded ourselves with people who are compatible with our “old self”. Our new self may not be interested in whatever “boo-hoo” club we have erected around ourselves and others will realize this.

Interestingly enough, your environment will show you that this technique as practiced by yogis and you is working. You may not notice that anything has changed, but the people around you definitely will. There may be baffled looks, questions, or some may become antagonistic. You can know then that the process is working.

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