ATI Career Training Center – Dallas Massage Therapy School in Dallas, Texas

You can find a great massage school, Texas’ finest, at the ATI Career Training Center.

Of the Dallas Massage Therapy Schools, the massage courses provided ATI rate has over 35 years of training successful graduates and the school’s students leave ATI’s Career Training Center – Dallas Massage Therapy School fully prepared for the many employment opportunities in this growing area of health care.

Amonth the many opportunities graduates can find positions of employment in health spas, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, beauty salons, spas, resorts and private practices. There are also many job placement opportunities in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

massageDuring the 12 week training program, you will learn hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, business practices, and participate in on-site externships. While the training period is short, the intense hands-on education will provide each student with all the tools necessary to become a success in this high demand field of natural health care.

You can receive all the information you need to learn about their classes, scheduling, and fees by requesting information through the school’s confidential request form. Simply visit the following link, fill out the form and you will be one step closer to starting a new career.

To learn more, click > ATI Career Training Center, Dallas Massage Therapy, Dallas, Texas

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