Horoscopes – Astrology Chart of Howard Stern

Reading the astrology chart of Howard Stern, it is something like shooting fish in a barrel. It confirms my experience that those who throw stones usually do live in glass houses. Mr. Stern’s chart is pretty transparent, but its also an interesting study, particularly for the student in astrology.

Most of the energy in Howard Stern’s chart comes from the opposition between his Uranus in Cancer and his Capricorn stellium. Uranus is conjunct the South Node, telling us that rebellion, shaking up the status quo and rocking the boat are old behaviors of his, designed to get attention. His listeners are very familiar with the bad little boy bathroom humor that will make others notice him. This is a childhood behavior that evidently worked for him, so he uses it to this day. This type of behavior doesn’t discriminate between positive or negative attention, as long as it isn’t being ignored or neglected.

As childish as this behavior may seem, it has several redeeming points. Since Howard’s North Node is part of that Capricorn stellium, he is learning how our society works on an abstract or even spiritual level. After all, you have to understand something before you can adequately ridicule it. Additionally, he sets himself up as “everyman”, the testosterone ridden, ego-deprived male who can’t cope with sexual equality and is pouting about it. As with most stereotypes, “everyman” is a myth as well, but is one that sells. The “liberal-minded” male can exorcise his own demons of anger and petulance at the changes in his world view through laughing them off with Howard. This is no better and no worse than the “male bashing” that occurs in most feminine watering holes. It has therapeutic value in allowing the healing power of laughter to bring a sense of proportion to “political correctness”.

Since his rebellion is signified by the Cancer planets, we must look at the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. The Moon represents the emotional nature, mother and one’s roots. Situated in the 12th house, we see that young Howard’s emotional nature was considered unacceptable in the family unit and he was expected to suppress it. Like most repressed energy of the psyche though, it becomes highly sensitized and tends to burst out in unexpected ways.

A quote of Howard’s regarding his childhood is, “I was raised like veal.” There are no indications in the chart of a happy childhood home, however the chart speaks clearly of emotional deprivation contributing to a powerful adulthood. In a study of many celebrity horoscopes and biographies, this is fairly typical. It seems that when we have to strive to overcome, we also gather the momentum to excel. Howard Stern has done this and has made himself a symbol of our American collective unconscious. Demanding that we let go of our cultural arrogance and “get real”, he becomes a spokesperson for that part of our consciousness that needs to strip off the mask and relax. When we can accept ourselves as a culture, “warts and all”, perhaps we’ll be somewhat less judgemental of our fellow man.

Summary of the Howard Stern Astrology Chart: Howard has defined himself publicly in terms of what he rebels against. Coming from an indifferent family, he seeks attention in outrageous ways. His value as a cultural icon is that he provides a more grounded, authentic look at ourselves as a people, less judgemental and releasing a false image of perfection.

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