Horoscopes – Whoopi Goldberg Astrology Chart

One of the most rare configurations found in an astrology chart can be viewed in Whoopi Goldberg’s chart. Note that all of Whoopi’s planets are contained within the space of a trine (120 degrees), between Venus and Uranus. Yes, Chiron and the South Node are outside of those boundaries, but they aren’t planets. As might be expected, this is a tremendous concentration of energy for one person. The way that we read this is to locate the midpoint of this trine, which happens to be at 5 degrees Libra, 56 minutes. This is one of the humorous ironies of life, with Libra being the sign of balance and this “wedge” pattern being about the most unbalanced configuration possible. An additional fact about this pattern; since the energy is so compressed, it tends to shoot out the other side of the chart, to the opposition of the midpoint. This “outbursting” point would be 5 degrees Aries 56 minutes. This outburst is what the environment is most likely to experience from the wedge pattern person. Whoopi is very much experienced as the brash pioneer of the art world, breaking new ground artistically, racially and as a female entrepreneur. These are very “Arian” activities, though the intense Libra energy shows up as well. We could say that she is achieving her Libran goals in an Arian fashion.

As so often occurs in a wedge chart, there are a couple of different stelliums. Most outstanding is her Scorpio stellium, consisting of Mercury, Moon, Sun and Saturn. This combo tells us that Whoopi’s family has a great deal of input in her life. Both the Sun and Saturn can represent the father, the Moon, mother, and Mercury, siblings. When we see all this in Scorpio, we’re looking at enforced intimacy, “in your face all the time” family dynamics.

The other stellium is in Leo, squaring that Scorpio intensity. The powerful combination of Jupiter and Pluto in this sign tell of Whoopi’s need to heal her capacity for trust and intimacy. Jupiter in this house gives very little privacy, and this is emphasized by the up close and personal tendencies of her family. Wherever Pluto is in the chart is where we are most likely to suffer, and where we will experience the most profound inner transformations. Whoopi’s very public relationship with fellow actor Ted Danson shows us how her relationship was transformative for everyone involved…including her public.

The elements of trust and faith are repeated in Whoopi’s astrology chart with the North Node in the Jupiterian sign of Sagittarius. Here we see that Whoopi’s ability to open up to the spiritual aspects of life, and to show this via her career (10th house), is highly beneficial to her. Also, that whole Scorpio stellium is in the 9th house, naturally ruled by Jupiter. So, we see this issue of Jupiter/Pluto energies repeated throughout the chart. Pluto rules death and Jupiter rules faith, and isn’t it interesting that Whoopi’s career jump start was in the movie “Ghost”?

The heart of Whoopi is shown by the fire in her chart. This is a passionate woman, with a finely honed sense of justice and fair play, as well as a willingness to be uniquely herself. With Venus in Sagittarius as her most elevated planet, we see a new definition of womanhood, someone who can be a role model for upcoming generations (ahem, “Star Trek, The Next Generation”?).

Summary of Whoopi Goldberg’s Astrology Chart: This is a woman whose influence could possibly be felt for generations after her death. She has the power of transformation that can be passed along to those with whom she associates and is capable of creating quite an impact by simply being who she is. She may at some point, be considered an artistic genius.


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