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It fascinates me that I can hold a particular viewpoint of a celebrity, then examine their astrology chart and form an entirely different perspective. This was the case when viewing Madonna’s astrology chart. What thought I may have given her, other than admiring her work, was that she had a problem with exhibitionism. There’s far more to the situation than that.

The lady has Virgo rising. This is symbolic of the “Virgin Mary”, two concepts which figure strongly in the image she depicts. I would wonder if she knew this in advance, it is such a classic representation. The fact is though, that she was born Madonna Ciccone. The Virgo symbolism can be construed as either the Virgin or the harlot, though this alternate aspect is rarely discussed. The strength of the ascendant in this chart is remarkable, since Virgo isn’t ordinarilly a very strong sign to have rising. This is an exceptional situation.

“How could I have been anything else but what I am, having been named Madonna? I would either have ended up a nun or this.”

One’s name is represented by the rising sign or ascendant, and can cause many of us to “act out” in some fashion. Having 4 planets in the 12th house emphasizes this tendency, since they are in essence saying, “What you are is bad, inadequate or wrong”. Virgo is accustomed to believing this of itself anyway, and often spends its life doing penance. The power of this disparagement of self is far more intense here. Pluto in Virgo in the 12th has some very dark shadows and could easily have gone the “bad girl” route because the work involved to become “good” was simply overwhelming. Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo, and though quite intelligent, it has a chameleon quality which can be very suggestible. It can literally talk itself into being whatever it chooses to be. Finally, there is the Moon in Virgo. Although this is in the 1st house, it explains this story more fully than other factors in the chart may indicate.

The Moon represents one’s mother and one’s own maternal instincts. Again, “Madonna” is an appropriate name. The name would have to have been chosen by her mother, and many life choices would be made based on that relationship. There are several indications in the chart that much of who Madonna was as an individual was deemed unacceptable from early childhood. She was expected to repress the essence of her being in order to be accepted within the family unit, and specifically by her mother.

Madonna learned how to profit from this “social unacceptability”. As evidenced by Jupiter, Neptune and the North Node in the 2nd house of her astrology chart, she found that titillation of society’s cultural taboos was a money maker. She had her finger on the pulse of society enough however, to push the envelope just enough to retain popularity without degrading into her image into cultural revulsion. This pattern is reinforced by her 11th house Venus. This indicates a quality of attraction, beauty and sensuality that is ahead of its time and progressive. Hasn’t Madonna defined the standards of feminine beauty several times in the past two decades?

Mars in Taurus is her most elevated planet. This is how she is perceived by others in large part. Mars is the “masculine” energy of an individual, assertive and brash. Taurus is especially sensual, comfort-loving and known for a beautiful voice. Also, Mars is the handle of a tight bucket chart, indicating the life purpose. To go after a sense of personal security, financial stability and certainty in her faith is a life goal.

Summary of Madonna’s Astrology Chart: Madonna has defined herself largely in terms of her name, which is inspired from the archetype of the sign Virgo. Embodying and communicating the role of woman from a progressive point of view has provided artistic expression and personal security for her. Her mother played a significant and not necessarily friendly role in her life.

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