Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for Gloria Steinem

When viewing the astrology chart of Gloria Steinem we note that she was born in the sign of Aries, it is easy to understand the pioneering instinct of this famous woman. The need to break new ground, inherent in the Aries native is shown clearly just in Gloria’s Sun Sign. With a Mars conjunction to her Sun, this influence is considerably strengthened, as Mars is the natural ruler of Aries. We have someone here who, as a woman, can typify the masculine energy which exists in all women, just as feminine energy is a part of the man.

Scorpio rising gives yet another perspective on that Martian energy, as Mars was for a long time, co-ruler of this sign until Pluto was discovered. Often, you can see the influences of the old rulerships showing up in a chart, and this can be rather enlightening. I’ve found that this indicates a certain timelessness of this soul, someone with some spiritual age on them.

Scorpio women, and Gloria’s rising sign is in this sign, have an uncanny ability to make certain people squirm in their seats. Their ability to peer up the dresses, find the skeletons in the closet and stumble over the family secrets is bizarre. Unlike the Scorpio Sun individual who may have somewhat more control over how this trait is expressed in the world, Scorpio rising can make everyone’s face turn red without even trying. When they try, watch out! Gloria has managed to bring out the dirty little secrets of male chauvinism in modern times perhaps more than anyone else, leaving a lot of people (male and female) sputtering for words.

Gloria Steinem’s astrology chart shows her Leo Moon trining her Sun/Mars conjunction tells us of a little girl who should have been the apple of Daddy’s eye. Instead, a quincunx to Mercury shows that an early divorce and move away from father, impacted a sensitive girl child near the time of puberty. Mercury tells us how vocal she was/is about her feelings in this matter.

Mercury opposes Neptune, in mutual reception, showing a great deal of sensitivity to the feelings and thoughts of others, and the ability to creatively write and communicate about them. This is a classic journalist’s aspect, though not always with the planets in mutual reception.

Aquarius really tells the tale though, of the need to find equality as a woman. Saturn in this sign speaks of the effort and work involved to find any sort of recognition, due to cultural bias. Although it may seem to us that Gloria was a “golden child” of feminism, her own perception must have been that of a great deal of struggle.

There is a Higher Hand involved here. The North Node is a description of our life’s purpose, of the destiny we are called to earth to fulfill. We don’t all do so. But when we choose to go with our highest purpose, we are spiritually supported and what we need to complete our purpose is brought to us. So it is in Gloria’s case.

This pattern is reflected elsewhere. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, can be found in the 6th house, in a wide opposition to Jupiter in the 12th. Jupiter in the 12th is classicly known as Divine intervention, protection or support. In opposition to Uranus, a powerful harbinger of the New Age, we can see Gloria as a Divine Messenger. She herself might laugh at such a label, but the obvious connection of having the right person at the right time, saying the right things cannot be denied.

Summary of the Gloria Steinem Astrology Chart: Gloria may be seen as a sort of “Divine Messenger” of her time, informing a culture that it’s time of transformation is upon it. Having the ability to articulate powerful concepts of freedom and equality in an oppressive system, she was able to raise the sights of an entire generation. A true maverick in the classic Aquarian style, she will live on in history for a very long time.

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