A Star Danced CD by New Age Music Artist, David Wahler

David Wahler’s second release, A Star Danced is a very personal creation and reflects occurrences in his own life.

We all encounter our personal journeys, and each title on A Star Danced is an expression of life’s events in Wahler’s language as shared through music.

You will definitely feel touched by the compositions in Wahler’s newest creation while reflecting on your own life’s journey.

A Star Danced celebrates the joy of living on a celestial scale and has been given stellar recommendations by Zone Music Reporter, RJ Lannan.

Read a recent review to capture the essence so you may also embrace how you were born under a dancing star.

A Star Danced is a Musical Tale of Life

David Wahler at PianoA Star Danced is a beautifully woven musical tale of life.

In his second released CD, David Wahler—who amazingly began playing piano by ear at age seven—sets to music his journey through life.

With songs commemorating events all humans live through, Wahler uses his innate musical talent to put together amazing sounds to accompany your journey too.

The music on this CD, A Star Danced, tells the tales of life, death, struggle, and triumph. With a wide arrange of instruments, sounds, and harmonies, Wahler takes you from the earthly bound world into the land of dreams, mystery, and yes, stars.

A Path to Peace and Harmony

The lightness and peacefulness of the songs on this CD seem to lift the listener out his or her existence on Earth, and take them to new, uncharted realms of life where peace and harmony abound.

The music on this second CD of Wahler’s is uplifting and peace-invoking. And it’s no surprise that his second CD would bring such beauty into the world of the listener as his first did.

In 2009, Wahler released his first CD, Antiquus that reached number one as it debuted on the New Age Reporter (NAR). In fact, Antiquus was the highest ranking New Age album to debut in the entire history of the New Age Reporter. And it consistently ranks in the NAR’s Top Twenty month after month. This first release continues to rank high in numerous charts and has been called by several websites, “One of the best New Age CDs of 2009.”

His follow up album, A Star Danced, is sure to follow the success of Antiquus.

Wahler’s Music Career

A Star DancedAlthough Wahler began his musical career early on, he took a break for a while to explore what turned out to be very successful careers in design and retail. Despite his great successes here, Wahler felt a bit unfulfilled and returned to music.

He attended Berklee College of Music’s Electronic Music Production program and thus began his return to music.

I love the way Wahler harmonizes the electronics, keyboards, and traditional instruments. He does so in a way that blends each sound into the other yet somehow allows the listener to still hear each individual, mesmerizing sound.

This CD is one you won’t want to miss. The music will help you focus, relax, and drift peacefully off to a world of stars, peace, and dreams. Enjoy!

To listen to samples, visit Amazon > A Star Danced

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