Sanskrit Chants in Yoga Music CD: Diamonds in the Sun by Girish

Girish’s latest CD, Diamonds in the Sun (Spirit Voyage) offers a fantastic, upbeat alternative to mainstream commercial music.

The CD offers “transcendental melodies and earthy grooves” in Girish’s up-beat, peaceful and soul-full style.

Girish’s unique sound offers a wide range of vocals from a global cast of musicians including Donna DeLory and CC White, and leaves the listener feeling uplifted and inspired.

Stylized Sanskrit Chants

Goddess of WealthDiamonds in the Sun offers a wide range of Sanskrit chants, including highly stylized versions of Om Namah Shivaya (Prayer to Shiva), Saraswati (the Goddess of Wisdom) Jaya Hanuman (The Monkey God), Lakshmi (The Goddess of Wealth) and Kali Durga (The Goddess of Destruction/Rebirth).

The only song on the CD not written by Girish is a personal favorite and a standard in any Kundalini yoga class: Girish’s version of “Long Time Sun” is long overdue and offers the perfect ending for a fantastic collection of devotional songs.

Yoga Music CD

As a yoga teacher, I always love CDs that I can play during class. Diamonds in the Sun has quickly become a favorite for me as well as students who consistently ask “Who was singing while we were doing standing poses?” or “What song was that during shivasana?”

Reveal Yoga Music CD

Reveal by Girish

Yoga Music CD

Shiva Machine by Girish

Diamonds in the Sun is a highly anticipated compliment to Girish’s other CDs Reveal and Shiva Machine, both of which are just as perfect to help set the mood in any yoga class

With the exception of the first song, “It’s all Good,” I love the entire CD and feel completely comfortable letting it play from beginning to end during a yoga class. As the expression “It’s all good” serves its purpose, I was admittedly confused to hear the phrase turned into a song. While I appreciate Girsh’s modern spin on the ancient and powerful mantras, the use of common vernacular “It’s all good” didn’t seem to—I don’t know—match?

It Keeps Getting Better and Better

It’s easy enough to start on track two though—which is one of my favorites—the title track: “Diamonds in the Sun.”  From there, it just keeps getting better and better.

Music CD with Sanskrit ChantsThis CD is a great addition to any music library and a fantastic choice when some upbeat energy is required. Diamonds in the Sun is perfect to play while doing chores around the house, during yoga practice, or if you are a singer, you will love harmonizing along in the car!

Girish has a great sense of humor, timing, and finesse—and it shows. Seven of the eight songs are written and arranged by him, and he meticulously produced the entire CD. With the support of literally hundreds of people, this collection of songs was obviously a labor of love and Girish does indeed shine like a diamond in the sun.

Listen to samples, visit Amazon > Diamonds in the Sun

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