Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

People have been seeing angels and receiving divine guidance from them for a long, long time now. Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue bring back the Victorian style depictions of these angels along with inspirational messages on the back of each of the 44 cards in the oracle deck. The booklet accompanying the deck explains each cards meaning in detail and is said to include actual angel messages for healing the troubles of this lifetime.

While “Real” long time tarot readers might scoff at this deck, it is actually very pretty, and one can find inspirational and hidden messages in it, if they know where to look, just as well as you can find hidden messages in a newspaper, if you look hard enough. However, the inspirational messages on the back of each card really do make one feel better, and can be a wonderful start for anyone’s day. Read a few of these and meditate on the message and the meanings, you’re sure to find what you needed to hear for the day. That said, Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards are yet another good addition to a serious collector’s deck collection.

Angels are not the only depictions in the deck. Unicorns, Cherubs, medicine women, and fairies (of course) are pictured as well. This can be confusing because if one believes in angels, insinuating a Christian belief system, then one can not believe in fairies or unicorns by definition. The depictions do not hold true to any one path, if you look at it this way, and the messages are still the best part of this colorful deck. Regardless of this observation, the deck is amazingly accurate and just plain fun to use; a great gift idea for the intermediate tarot reader.

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