Prosperity as a State of Mind

In studying prosperity consciousness, we learn that prosperity is largely a state of mind. The more clearly we can attain this state of mind, the more easily the Universe around us adjusts to conform to this mental state. In this way we are able to experience in our daily lives what we are perceiving in our hearts and minds.

Believing in your own prosperity in the face of appearances to the contrary, may seem very contradictory. It really isn’t, but instead is a different version of cause and effect. Your outer world will manifest your prosperity to the degree that you are able to maintain prosperity in your inner world.

Assume your mantle of personal prosperity and keep it in place. Allow yourself to know that your level of personal prosperity is exactly what you wish it to be and remember that at the level of mind it is already this way. As you think about this throughout your day, feel it. Sense the well-being which is yours from enjoying personal security. Experience the calm and peace which comes from the lack of stress over financial matters.

Work with this creative technique for manifestation on a regular basis. You’ll find that it works more smoothly with practice. To send you off on your way, contemplating how soon you will be fully engaged in abundant living, here is a motivational thought to get you going.

“Thoughts and words form your mental image. And since we become what we picture, be sure your thoughts and words express prosperity and blessing rather than poverty and defeat.”

–Norman Vincent Peale

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