Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program – Hypno-Peripherial Processing

Hypno-peripherial processing (HPP) is a clinically developed method of entering hypnosis and bypassing consciousness, applying techniques and learning without using subliminal messages. This unique yet effective method of mind training is used by Dr. Lioyd Glauberman to provide a means to improve one’s life in only two short weeks.

This two-CD set contains two training programs. Each is designed to be listened to through stereo headphones in a quite place for thirty minutes each day. At one level, Dr. Glauberman’s hypnotic voice tells enthralling, unusual stories to the conscious mind in full three-dimensional sound. On the other level, the subconscious mind is absorbing information. The experience is totally relaxing, refreshing and quite effective.

Disc One contains two tracks. The first is on self-respect and the other on confidence. Disc Two, again, contains two tracks: assertiveness and relationships. While you will only see very gradual change, within four weeks of beginning to consistently use these CDs, one for the first two weeks and the other for the second two weeks, subtle changes in the ways you look at life and feel about yourself will begin to occur.

I found the experience of using these CDs absolutely enthralling. Upon turning on the program, the slow, calm voice of Dr. Glauberman, I was almost immediately led into a deep, intense relaxation trance. Upon completing the session, I felt refreshed and rested. The experience was so pleasant that I looked forward to the next opportunity to experience the HPP session. While the changes I found were not life-shattering, there were small differences in the way I thought about life, causing me to feel more assured and motivated about my capabilities. Unlike so many self-improvement programs that are difficult to use and easy to forget, I was anxious to spend time with these CDs and look forward to experiencing even further improvements with continued use.

This two CD set of HPP life improvement techniques are as perfect for anyone who wants to raise their personal life to new heights. You’ll also see changes in your professional life as well. These CDs are quite well made and are an effective tool for raising your self-esteem and confidence in all areas of life.

To learn more about these CDs, please click > Hypno-Peripheral Processing.

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