Ribbon Breath Meditation – Complete Stress Relief Management in Just 15 Minutes

Anyone can find fifteen minutes in their day to change the quality of their life. The Ribbon Breath Meditation is that simple and easy and offers a path to complete stress relief. All you need is a quiet place to relax while listening to this calming CD and you’ll return to your day refreshed, filled with energy and with greater insight into life itself.

Beginning with the sound of drums, like a heart beat, you are escorted by a pleasing feminine voice through the meditation. The enthralling sound of the drums combined with the enchanting voice makes relaxation almost automatic.

As you enter a meditative state, you are taken deeper and deeper into the Earth Mother and brought back to your body where each of the seven Chakra points is fed by the Earth’s energy. As the drums fade into the sounds of the wind, and return to the sound of the heart combined with wind and piano notes, your entire body will experience deep relaxation.

I found the Ribbon Breath Meditation to take me to a level of relaxation so quickly and effectively that I was absolutely amazed. As I followed the simple, clear directions, I was led into a sense of wholeness and, as the sounds ended, I felt a strong sense of well-being.

Many meditation CDs I’ve tried in the past required several sessions to ‘get the hang of it’. This one does not fit that category. I felt an immediate positive impact on my body. The resulting sense of wholeness and energy carried me through the day feeling good about myself and my world.

I’d highly recommend the Ribbon Breath Meditation as a means of starting the day off right. It would also be great for reducing stress at work, or anytime during the day, perhaps during a break. The short 15 minute time to perform the entire process makes it very practical for busy schedules.

Of course, like any meditation CD, you should not listen to it while driving or operating machinery. As soon as you listen to it the first time, you’ll understand why; the relaxation you’ll experience is so instant and deep that you will find yourself unable to focus on anything except the enchanting voice and sounds.

Whether you purchase the Ribbon Breath Meditation for yourself or as a gift, it’s a great investment for balancing your emotions and stress relief management technique. You can easily learn more about this valuable meditation by visiting MeditationHealing.com.

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