Interview with Mark Borax, author of 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

Mark Borax is the author of 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future.

The following is a short interview between Carol Bardelli and Mark discussing the Mayan prophecies and how we can prepare for the paradigm shift in the coming times.

Mark’s answers offer a view of spirit, and how there is much more to existence that what we can see and hear, perhaps many other dimensions interacting with this one.

Weathering the Paradigm Shift

Carol Bardelli: Hi Mark, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview.

Tablet of Mayan Prophecies PictureThe 2012 Mayan prophecies are just one among many given to us by various cultures. The fact that so many diverse world views point toward our time as one of cosmic shift seems more than portentous. Yet so many humans seem out of touch with the coming change.

What do you see as the likely result of so many people being unprepared for a paradigm change?

Mark Borax: Fortunately the cosmic forces that have marshaled together to produce the current and coming world shift are much stronger than human consciousness’s power to resist. If God exists, it’s not necessary to believe in God for God to have power, right? You can choose to believe in gravity or not; gravity will still be a force to reckon with. If all of these changes we’ve been learning of are truly based in actual cosmic forces, it’s not going to stop them from transforming our world just because we’re unaware of them!

New Solutions to Old Challenges

Carol: I personally love the idea that our Atlantean heritage may have been a phase of consciousness. I believe the work we do on non-physical levels is often more important than our physical experiences. As you said in your book Ellias revealed to you “a magical inner world” that coexists with our physical reality.

So many people seem out of touch with their inner spirituality. As a society we’re obsessed with materiality and possessing stuff we cannot afford. Do you see our present economic crisis as a necessary precipice to realizing our coming transformation in 2012?

Mark: It’s true that our civilization’s resistance to positive transformation will provoke a lot of people in the coming years to have to find new solutions to old challenges, or else freak out in the face of Change.

Ellias Lonsdale Mystery School

Carol: You were fortunate to have experienced being a part of Ellias Lonsdale’s mystery school and what you succinctly call a series of mysterious events that took you several decades to put into perspective. How did these experiences impact your life and world view?

Mark: The experience of creating a mystery school with Ellias Lonsdale and others, and having personal mystical visions and transformations was much more acute in my life twenty years ago.

There was a period of ten years or so, ending about fifteen years ago, where the powers that be decided I needed to be shown things firsthand. Since then I’ve readjusted my world view and personal life along the lines of what I was shown. The main lesson is that spirit exists. This world is not based primarily on what we can see and hear. Many other dimensions intersect with this one, and, as a result, I have richer life, richer grasp of who I am and what I’m doing. In those years the Big Picture was shown to me in staggering glimpses in such a way that I can never forget, even if the psychic fireworks have calmed down through my forties and early 50s.

Carol: As you said in your book Ellias revealed to you “a magical inner world” that coexists with our physical reality. What’s your take on what we as individuals can do to tap into this inner world and use it for enlightenment?

Mark: The way to tap the inner world is to first recognize that you’re here for so much more than to keep everyone happy.

You’re here to be true to yourself. That truth stems from an inner place, a core place that I like to call the soul.

When you begin to live from the soul, former random events and meaningless drifting through life tend to resolve into parts of a whole.

You gain the experience that you’re not in it alone, but have a role to play in a vast pageant. The pageant extends through time as well as space.

Earlier moments from this life, and moments from earlier lives of ours begin to take shape in a way we can recognize as guiding us toward some unitive destiny. It’s much harder to get bored!

Carol: I can almost imagine what the world would be like if we all lived from our soul! Can you provide some additional insight on your thoughts about 2012 and why we must approach the times ahead with greater personal awareness?

Mark: I see 2012 as a massive opportunity, a tremendous choice point for humanity. It’s recently become evident that the old ways, across the globe, no longer work. Our system is bankrupt in more ways than one! Rather than see this as a disaster I see it as a marvelous opportunity to put new structures in place, structures that recognize each of us is here to do something more than maintain an obsolete system.
2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future Bookcover

In the old system people stuffed their inner nature in order to make a buck. People still, all over the world, act as if there’s no choice but to keep their dream in a locked box while meeting their obligations. But what about obligations to rise to the fullest of your potential? What about creating a new world that honors a deep core nature inside each of us that knows more than any expert about what we need? What about a world system that honors the soul above the appearance of things?

In this changing of the guards, we have the obligation to make a stand for a world of truth to rise up from the half-life of an “almost” world. We have an obligation to leave our children a world we can be proud of. We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do. On the personal level, each of us must clean up our own consciousness by daring ourselves to reimagine who we are and what this place is all about. As the old falls down all around us we have a rare chance to put foundational change into place, and the first place to start is our own consciousness.

Carol: Thank you, Mark!

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