Everest College – North Thornton Campus in Denver, Colorado

Are you searching through the massage schools Denver CO has to offer seeking the right school for your needs?

If you live on the north side, you may be finding lots of massage therapy schools in Denver but dreading the long commute.

One Metro Denver school of massage therapy you will want to know about is Everest College – North Campus in Thornton. Located at 9065 Grant Street, attending Everest College means you never have to fight the traffic jams or travel long distances in the winter snow. This school is an easy commute from any of the north side Denver Metro communities.

While attending Everest College, you will learn therapeutic techniques through hands-on supervised clinical practices and learn about the human body and business skills through classroom education. This blend of learning techniques will provide you the balance of knowledge you need to become successful. Understanding the human body, you’ll know which techniques will be most beneficial in each client’s case. With the business skills, you’ll be able to communicate and maintain records. With your sense of touch, you’ll be able to use manual skills to relieve pain, improve health and much more.

To learn all the details about this reputable massage school, simply contact the school by entering your information. It is easy all the details and the answers to all your important questions.

NOTE: This Everest School Campus is not currently offering massage.
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