Yanni Voices Goes Live in 2009 Tour – CD/DVD Now Available

In many parts of the world, Yanni is a household name.

However through his most recent project, “Yanni Voices,” Yanni turns the spotlight on four young vocalists, giving the world a chance to become acquainted with these new talents.

These exceptional performers and voices include: Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender, and Thomas and Leslie Mills.

Yanni’s Latest is a Creative and Collaborative Effort

“Yanni Voices” represents a unique stage in Yanni’s career moving beyond new age music. For the first time, the famed composer includes vocals along with his instrumental songs.

However, instead of writing the lyrics himself, or even hiring a professional songwriter, Yanni recruited up and coming artists for the endeavor.

Producer Ric Wake and Yanni chose four diverse vocalists for the project. Each singer received instructions to craft their own lyrics using Yanni’s songs as their canvasses. The artists then returned to the studio where they collaborated with Yanni and Wake on brand new renditions of older Yanni favorites.

Fresh Vocalists Add Diversity to the Album

Nathan Pacheco PictureNathan Pacheco – Of the four vocalists, Nathan Pacheco’s style is perhaps most reminiscent of traditional Yanni. Pacheco’s vocals both begin and end the album, and provide a classical operatic styling throughout. Pacheco ignites each of his songs with a powerful emotive quality, and a graceful sense of joy.

Ender ThomasEnder Thomas – Ender who is originally from Venezuela, adds a Latin fair to the album. His work infuses passion both vocally and lyrically into the compositions. Behind Thomas’s voice, Yanni’s music takes on an entirely new rhythmic heat, sure to delight fans everywhere.

Chloe on Yanni VoicesChloe – With a voice that is limitless, she maintains all of the power of the males, yet adds her own adventurous take on the music. Full of soul and pop sensibilities, Chloe might very well be the next big star. Her spirit shines through each of her pieces, illuminating every song in a brand new light.

Leslie Mills PicLeslie Mills – Last but not least, Leslie Mills makes her mark on the album. Sometimes sultry, sometimes celebratory, and sometimes longing, Mills maintains a quieter place within the music. However, do not confuse quieter with less significant. Her songs glisten with intrigue, leaving listeners craving more of her stories and melodies.

Experience the Music through Other Mediums

The project takes form in other media as well, which further demonstrates its unique character. A CD/DVD provides introspective interviews with each of the singers, and a closer look at the creative process.

A PBS program allows viewers to witness these four talented singers and performers and Yanni live in a very special production. A Spanish version of the album includes an even greater number of collaborative artists and songs.

Additionally, a tour is scheduled to kick off in April of 2009.

Yanni Voices CD/DVD Cover“Yanni Voices” allows fans new and old to reflect upon the music legend’s great career. While the album serves as a nod to the past, it also represents a great deal of optimism for the diverse creativity of the present and future.

Purchase CD/DVD at Discount PriceYanni Voices CD/DVD

Watch Yanni Live in this Video Clip of Highlights of the 2009 Tour

Purchase CD/DVD at Discount PriceYanni Voices CD/DVD

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