The Way of the Happy Woman: Inspire Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Author Sara Avant Stover promotes a holistic approach to everyday stress-free living in her new book, The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life (New World Library).

Today, the number one challenge for women is stress, whether from taking on too much work, getting little sleep, or exposure to toxic food and environments. Stress affects more than the individual, but the family and community as women are the “hub” of these caring centers.

Using food, yoga, meditation, and balanced living, Stover encourages all women to read her book and to rediscover their inspiration, noting “making yourself happy is not selfish, it’s the most altruistic act you could ever perform.”

About Sara Avant Stover

Sara Avant StoverAuthor and yoga instructor Sara Avant Stover began looking into alternative lifestyles when she found herself encountering an emotionally and physically stressful period, including being diagnosed with cervical cancer. With the decision to face her true self, Stover committed to changing her emotional imbalances, eating disorders, and poor self-esteem.

What Stover found after integrating regular yoga and meditation practices into her daily life, as well as studying the benefits of traditional medicine, was that her health and happiness levels improved dramatically.

Stover is founder of The Way of the Happy Woman, a holistic approach to living based on ancient perspectives of harmony. Through yoga, daily meditation, maintaining a heathy lifestyle, and balanced, healthy nutrition, living The Way is about “simplifying, slowing down, aligning with the rhythms of nature and cycles of nature, and living from the inside out.”

Inner & Outer Harmony: An Owner’s Manual

The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life is Stover’s book based on her foundation of living. The book serves as a guide for women who feel a sense of imbalance as the role of nurturer overshadows the role of an individual, and who want to take control back over her life, health, and happiness.

Each season has a different focus that when honored, Stover believes, will help one’s inner and outer worlds harmonize. It’s the focus on daily and seasonal rhythms that Stover hopes will connect a woman to a true state of being:

  • spring: renewal or rediscovery
  • summer: celebrate life’s creativity
  • autumn: harvest and preparing for future
  • winter: period of resting and thinking

Book Cover for The Way of The Happy WomanThe Way of the Happy Women features various yoga poses, nutritious recipes, journaling inspirations, and meditations based on each of the seasons. The recipes featured in the book are largely influenced by Ayurvedic and Taoist philosophies, as they promote food that is seasonal and purifying. The yoga poses Stover discusses are to promote greater harmony between a woman’s inner and outer worlds. Similarly, she offers dozens of creative journaling exercises to stimulate intuitive creativity. And Stover’s meditations are simple, yet effective. She particularly promotes the importance of the acts of “stillness” and “silence.”

Stover’s The Way of the Happy Woman is an excellent book for any woman searching for her inspiration again, and who believes she can heal what’s been neglected through a variety of holistic approaches to her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

To learn more, please click > The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life by Sara Avant Stover

Watch Sara Avant Stover Discuss The Way of the Happy Women

To learn more, please click > The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life by Sara Avant Stover

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