october Classical Piano CD by Matthew Labarge

We recently listened to october CD of piano solos by Matthew Labarge and were completely entranced.

The songs are performed as a progression. At first the music reflects a clear and bright October day, and then as the time moves on you can feel the mood change with clouds, crisp winds, and flumes of snow.

Matthew’s inspiration for the CD began while spending days practicing his art with his wedding drawing near. Then one day, the composition of the “Wedding Waltz” crept out, which lead to another, and soon the rest of the songs Labarge commented seemingly wrote themselves.

One of the things that impressed me most about Labarge is his humbleness, and deep love for music. He shares on his website, “Music has been so very important to me. During my best times, it has always been a catalyst for overflowing joy. During my worst hours, it has been a singlular candle in the darkness. I truly can’t imagine life without the music that I love.”

october was composed by LaBarge and also performed, engineered, and produced. Quite an accomplishment.

Read a recent listeners review of the progression of LaBarge’s style in this latest release.

Matthew Labarge’s october CD

October CD If you enjoy music and where it can lead your imagination or if you simply love it for the way it can accompany or even change your mood then you’ll want to listen to Matthew Labarge’s third, most recent CD, october.

Debuting in September 2009, this music is the carefully constructed blend of peace, vibrancy, and light into a CD that is easy to listen to and uplifting to the soul. Listen at work, at play, any time is a great time to let these harmonious tunes add a bit of ‘awe’ to your day.

Labarge’s first two CDs were first fall night and in small hours. October follows a similar flow as these first two CDs but different. Labarge’s first two CD’s chronicle the nightfall into the dawn, however october, takes the listener on a journey from day break to dusk.

Feel the magic of daybreak with his dreamy yet awakening piano blending the morning to the day with gentle opening songs first light and sunrise. Enjoy the life and increased energy of daytime as the pace and energy both increases in songs like song kids playing and leaves dancing.

Discover the natural slowness of evening with songs reflecting this like the sun sets earlier now and love song.

Picture of Matthew LabargeLabarge, originally an engineer, officially began his music career at the age of 28 when he took leave from his ‘day job’ to devote all of his time to the study of music, his first love.

After his first two CDs, Labarge dedicated himself to discovering how he could become a better player and performer once again able to devote himself entirely to this mission. He changed his approach to the music he created and the first result of this change is october. Labarge has written, played, engineered, and produced this CD completely on his own and in his own words believes, “it is the best recording I have made to date.”

If you’ve listened to Matthew Labarge before this new CD is one to get. You’ll hear his same style a bit evolved. A definite good listen not to miss.

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