BuddhaNet Brings Teaching of Buddhism to Internet Users Around the World

A Non-Profit Organization Spreads Buddha’s Messages through their comprehensive website, the creators of BuddhaNet educate others on the many facets of a Buddhist lifestyle.

As this Australian-based site demonstrates, Buddhism avoids an all work and no play mentality. Instead it is a tradition entailing a great deal of playfulness, and the site brings to light both the entertaining and informative sides of the practice.

BuddhaNet.Net – Take a Tour that Embodies Buddhist Tradition

BuddhaNet as a website comes from the non-profit organization of the same name. The majority of materials within the site are available free of charge, and the organization welcomes donations from its visitors.

The BuddhaNet site and organization are affiliated with the Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.

Since its first incarnation as a bulletin board system in 1993, the site has evolved significantly through the years to its current state. Today it is a thorough and diverse exploration of the past, present, and future of lifestyles rooted in Buddhism.

With a fresh and clean layout, the website reflects the peaceful qualities of the Buddhist tradition. A plethora of resources abound within the site, offering readers nearly countless opportunities for education. Luckily a site map marks a great starting point for viewers, offering direction into the many different sections of BuddhaNet.

Opportunities for Daily Buddhism

Smiling BuddhaViewers are invited to embrace a daily dose of Buddhism through a Daily Reading.

By choosing a date, readers receive a reading from traditional Buddhist literature. With a year’s worth of texts in one convenient place, it is easy to fit historical Buddhist teachings into one’s daily life.

BuddhaNet’s audience also has the opportunity to ponder more modern Buddhist reflections through The Daily Enlightenment.

Like the segments from Buddhist literature, The Daily Enlightenment highlights a different anecdote for each day of the calendar year, allowing readers to find 365 Buddhist contemplations in one location.

Meditations for All Stages of Buddhist Practice

Looking for information on meditation? Visit BuddhaNet’s meditation resource center.

Here viewers find tutorials and guides on different types of meditative practices. BuddhaNet organizes its information into two different categories, and the section on Insight meditation is the larger of the two.

Among the Insight meditation resources, readers find guided walking and sitting meditations. They also discover many of the theories behind different methods of meditation. Additionally, the resources include tutorials on practicing each of the different Insight meditations.

Meditation practitioners looking to add more variety to their practice can turn to the section devoted to Loving Kindness Meditation. Though this section is not as bountiful as the section regarding Insight meditation, it still offers plenty of information to assist people in their meditative endeavors.

Buddhist Minded Magazine Provides Further Exploration

Buddha PictureThe BuddhaZine offers readers further resources on current explorations of the Buddhist path.

Articles discuss modern day issues like the environment and the internet, and how they fit into a Buddhist lifestyle.

Interestingly, a section of the zine concentrates on the bridge between Psychotherapy and Buddhism. The articles under this heading take a look at the role of Eastern-based Buddhism within the Western mental health field.

Resources for Practice Beyond the Internet

BuddhaNet offers readers a very in-depth library of e-Books, audio files, artwork, and more.

Most of the items are available for download so that users can continue their study of Buddhism after they have disconnected from the online world.

Most significantly, BuddhaNet contains an entire database of downloadable mp3s. Choose from chants, talks, meditation, instruction, and more.

Additionally some materials are available through mail-order, including audio cd’s and cd-roms for your computer. The audio cd’s are located under the BuddhaNet Publishing.

If you are looking for further integration of Buddhism into your life, explore the World Buddhist Directory.

Search a database of listings by country and state to find local Buddhist resources in your area. Sift through your results by organization or tradition for more specific information.

Buddhism Inspires Art and Entertainment

Buddha ArtDespite the intriguing texts, theoretical articles, and historical accounts, avoid conducting a purely academic Buddhist quest. Take time out to explore the light-hearted side of the Buddhist spectrum with crossword puzzles and comic strips within the BuddhaZine. They offer enjoyment, and a unique way to approach the study of Buddhism.

Along with all of the writing on the website, plenty of art makes its way onto BuddhaNet as well, particularly through the BuddhaNet Art Gallery.

Explore photo galleries of Buddhist temples in various corners of the world. Or, find inspiration through images of the much revered lotus flower.

Lest you think the art offers little opportunity for the advancement of your Buddhist education, look into the resources on the temples. The symbolism behind each architectural element is clearly presented, offering a new perspective on the tradition of building.

Many Opportunities to Walk the Buddhist Path

With so many different facets, BuddhaNet provides viewers with the potential to greatly enrich their study of Buddhism.

This content rich website features are easy to navigate, and take into account people of all levels of Buddhist knowledge and experience.

With a single visit, viewers have the opportunity to spend hours going over the many different subjects and pieces of information.

However most will find that just one visit does not suffice. Instead, BuddhaNet encourages return visits and a continued journey down the Buddhist path.

To learn more, visit > BuddhaNet.Net Buddha Dharma Association, Inc.

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  1. Walt says:

    Will checkout the site, your article lists many options to further ones knowledge of Buddhism by going there. For someone just curious and not looking to change their faith is this worth the trip?

  2. Walt-self-improvement-ideas says:

    I visited most of the links you placed in your article. I listened to some of the audios and watched a video. I also saw some of the artwork. Overall I enjoyed exploring what Buddhism is about. I liked The Daily Enlightenment, I will refer to it often. Thanks for writing this fine article.

    • Sandy says:

      You are so welcome Walt. We enjoy spotlighting sites that are supportive and helpful to others. Glad you enjoyed your time at BuddhaNet!

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