Fortune Telling Techniques to Guide Your Life

Fortune telling refers to the process of predicting information, usually relating to the events that will occur in a person’s future. Another word for fortune telling is divination, and practitioners often render their services commercially. Many people attempt to discredit the legitimacy of divination, but while there is no precise science supporting how practitioners arrive at their predictions, many are still firm believers and supporters of the mystic arts.


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One of the most common reasons why a person seeks the assistance of a fortune teller is to receive guidance in making important life decisions. Often the answers received through fortune telling become essential building blocks for a person to decide something conclusively when faced with challenging choices. But with the many different kinds of fortune telling techniques, how does one tell the difference? Which is most suitable if you are looking for guidance in life?


Getting a psychic reading vs tarot reading


Two of the most popular techniques in divination are psychic reading and tarot reading. But comparing psychic vs tarot reading to determine which is better, is not an easy question to answer. In general, a psychic is someone who claims to have extraordinary abilities that help in becoming clairvoyant and intuitive. Psychics make use of a variety of techniques, including astrology and telepathy, to make readings and predictions.

On the other hand, tarot reading is a more specific skill which involves using a deck of cards to understand a person’s present situation and how it relates to the future. The answers you will get from tarot readings tend to be more specific and straightforward. However, the scope is also more limited, unlike psychic readings, which deal with a more significant, but general aspect of your life.


Other types of fortune telling techniques


Apart from tarot readings and psychic readings, there are other fortune telling techniques you can try if you are looking for answers.


  • Palmistry or Cheiromancy. Many people consider palmistry as a favorite fortune telling technique. It involves analyzing the dominant hand to evaluate a person’s character and making predictions. Although both hands are significant, the practitioner’s experience and intuition determine which hand to read.
  • Dreams have fascinated people for centuries and using dreams as the basis of predictions makes oneiromancy unique and exciting. One of the common explanations about dreams is that it connects to a person’s subconscious. Practitioners of oneiromancy use patterns and symbols based on a universal interpretation of what a person sees in their dream.
  • This popular form of fortune telling believes that each number associated with a person gives insight into their personality, nature, and traits. For example, a person’s birth date or name are used to form a number pattern from1-9, which is then compared to specific interpretations of the number.

These fortune telling techniques may provide you with guidance on future life events, or answers to difficult questions, but no amount of intervention from the mystic arts will truly define your future. Let these methods assist you, but do not rely on them as the ultimate source of truth.


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