Illustrated Gift Edition: The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

How do you envision your life today, tomorrow, and for the long haul?

Do you see abundance and prosperity or do you face it with fear and dread of the unknown, of what may be?

No matter how you approach life now, The Power of Intention (published by Hay House) by Dr. Wayne Dyer can unlock the key to mastering your life and creating one of your dreams.

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Critically Acclaimed Author

Now most all of us have heard of the infamous Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He’s the renowned author of more than thirty books, including Manifest Your Destiny and Your Sacred Self, as well as New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, and Excuses Begone!

Dyer also is internationally acclaimed for speaking in the ever-growing field of self-development. But what you may not realize is this leader in the self-development field is learning and growing all the time, too.

Join Dr. Dyer on a Journey of Self Transformation

In his latest book, The Power of Intention, Dyer shares with readers his journey to unlocking the true keys to not just understanding but connecting with the world of intention that’s all around us. He tells the readers that he too, is using the same techniques he teaches in The Power of Intention to see his dreams through to reality. It certainly seems to be working for him.

Profile Dr. DyerIn this vividly colored, fifteen chapter, 279 page book, Dyer takes the reader on an easy-to-read journey into his extensive exploration of intention: what it really means, where it exists, and how to tap into it and create a life of abundance and opportunity.

Part I of this three part book teaches the reader the basics of intention, suitably entitled “The Essentials of Intention.” Within these pages Dyer uses his friendly manner to appeal to the reader with easy-to-understand descriptions of a sometimes difficult to grasp concept: intention. It’s not something we can hold in our hands, speak to and get an answer, but it is a powerful, proven tool that encompasses the lives of those who seek it.

Dyer teaches even the most skeptical how to connect with this thing we call intention, overcome common obstacles, and what to expect in our relations with others as we tap into the universal power of intention.

Applying Intention to Your Daily Life

In Part II, Dyer provides eight chapters on specifically applying the basics of intention learned in the first section to your life. I can put all the eight chapters here—although each of them has an empowering impact on the reader—but some of my favorites (when forced to pick) are:

  • Chapter 7: It Is My Intention to: Respect Myself at All Times
  • Chapter 9: It Is My Intention to: Live a Stress-free, Tranquil Life
  • Chapter 13: It Is My Intention to: Optimize My Capacity to Heal and Be Healed

These are all moving, persuasive chapters that explain how the power of intention, when used, can transform your life to all that you want it to be.

Finally, in Part III, Dyer paints a picture of a person who is truly living on a daily basis connected with intention. This is the ultimate goal.

This book is a must read. Not only does it bring about passion for connecting with intention, it motivates the reader to connect to these powers that be. In addition, I enjoy the personalized, friendly, and down-to-earth tone that Dyer speaks in throughout The Power of Intention. There’s no pompousness or conceit apparent within these pages. In fact, the reader feels connected to Dyer and that he’s a friendly neighbor, relative, or even life-long friend.

Vivid, Awe-inspiring Illustrations Adorn Colorful Pages

Book Cover The Power of IntentionBut that’s not all you get with The Power of Intention. Aside from children’s picture books, this is the most beautifully illustrated book I’ve picked up—ever! Each page is vividly colored with pictures of peaceful, tranquil, and peace-invoking images throughout. The awe-inspiring illustrations are created by Jui Ishida, obviously a very talented, inspiring artist.

When you pick up a copy of The Power of Intention you won’t be disappointed. The doors of opportunity will begin to open as you find your way into the flow of the universe’s intention for you.

Learn more, visit HayHouse > The Power of Intention

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