Moon Signs Astrology – The Messages of the Moon: Part 2

We’re going to start examining some of the influences and traits fround in each of the moon signs in an astrology chart, starting with the first moon sign that its in.

Aries: This is an assertive position, based on the unconscious need to excel in whatever they do. The instinctive response to emotional insecurity is anger, which can explode into rage, depending on how helpless they feel in a given situation. Mother was likely an impatient person, requiring that infant become independent as quickly as possible.

Taurus: Probably the most stable of all the moon signs, this position indicates calm, centered individuals who do well emotionally with a couple of notable exceptions. Material security is essential, and if this is threatened in any way, there can be significant anxiety. Mother was probably very domestic, a homemaker with talent. This person tends to be better off materially than others in their income bracket.

Gemini: Facts and information are holy for these people, providing the security that helps them feel in control. In emotional crisis times, they are best aided by reasoning and logic rather than hugs and reassurances. Mother was an active, intelligent individual who provided plenty of intellectual stimulation. These are the folks who can think on their feet and have the gift of gab.

Cancer: The natural sign of the moon, this one is very sensitive, nurturing, and moody. The home is of vital importance, as is the family dynamic, providing the necessary sense of security. Mother was emotionally volatile, setting up a pattern of extreme changability and the need to deal with constant shifts. These people may act out being either mommy or baby, either constantly giving or constantly receiving.

Leo: Usually of a sunny disposition, this sign will not always let the world know if they are in need, so as to save face. Their security comes from being at center stage, with lots of reassurances and compliments. Mother may have been quite a performer and the childhood home could have been a constant bid for attention. These individuals may have a need to show a higher standard of living than what they can actually afford.

Virgo: Usefulness is the key and this is best expressed through work. Work is very important to this sign, and their personal security can be found through this medium. Mother was a perfectionist and expected this person to be a miniature adult. Worry is a basic emotional expression, when all other emotions may be denied. Repressed feelings and emotional upsets could be expressed through physical illness.

Libra: These are charming and very romantic individuals, sometimes sacrificing their own needs in order to make their partner feel good. Security is found through partnership, companionship and having an attractive home for romance. Mother may have been a very romantic person who enjoyed the trappings of love. This person may have been taught that the only love is a ‘happy’ love and any conflict meant that love was gone.

Scorpio: These strong-willed individuals often feel that they have had to raise themselves due to betrayals from mother, or a mother lost in grief. Security is found through power, in having extra control over their lives, and they may manipulate others in order to gain this control. They may have powerful abilities in healing or counseling, because of the depth of their own feelings. They may be vengeful.

Sagittarius: These people tend towards optimism and a strong desire for expansion and growth. Security is found in knowing all the answers, so they may often be found pursuing higher education. Disillusionment does not sit well with them, and they can become very sour if they allow themselves to live with that. Mother was freedom loving, questioning and on the go. Personal principles are vitally important to them.

Capricorn: The urge to strive for the heights is all-important to this sign. Planning and goal-setting comes naturally and they can figure out their way to the top. Security is found through strengthening their position due to hardships in childhood. Mother may have been depressed or suffering during early childhood, leading to moroseness or depressive tendencies for the Capricorn moon. They may have lacked nurturing as children, so could have difficulty in giving it as adults.

Aquarius: These are the free-thinkers and those who have unusual lifestyles. Coming from a disruptive and erratic childhood, they try to detach from emotions. Mother may have been odd, or only around on an irregular schedule. Sometimes the childhood environment is marked by extreme intelligence. Security is found in independence and freedom, since others cannot be depended upon. Repressed emotions can lead to erratic behavior.

Pisces: Sensitive and mystical, possibly self-sacrificing and idealistic. Mother may have been either a saintly, giving sort, or an invalid with many complaints. Security comes from a spiritual connection and solid faith when possible. These individuals can be spiritually advanced, or may have a sense of karmic indebtedness which must be paid off through ego-sacrificing service to others.

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