Watching for Rain, Acoustic Piano Album by Anne Trenning

Anne Trenning’s third and newest release, Watching for Rain, is an acoustic jewel.

Just as raindrops shine like diamonds, Watching for Rain shines like ivory — that is, the piano keyword ivory.

Her work is released by Shadetree Productions and includes 14 full length cuts plus a very short end cut called Benediction which lasts only 37 seconds.

Spiritual Piano Music Invokes Reflection

pic-rain-dropsThe anticipation of awaiting a welcomed rain is reflected in the tone of the cuts on Trenning’s work. I believe her goal was to remind us of the freshness of air and land freshly cleansed by rain as an analogy to caring for our planet.

Growing up in a Chicago suburb, she began learning to play the organ at age seven but at 12 she changed to piano as her main focus. Her involvement in church and choir helped develop her musical talents. In fact, her father offered her money for each hymn she learned to play from the Presbyterian hymn book her grandmother had left the family. Needless to say, she learned and played every hymn in the hymnal!

Both the instrumental piano compositions and the beautiful, colorful liner notes in Watching for Rain reflect Anne Trenning’s deep sense of spirituality. Silent Night II, Eden Hall, And I’ll Fly Away, and Prayer for the World, all reflect her spiritual background in her choice of titles.

Quotes in the liner notes show even more clearly the depth of her spirituality. For example a William Shakespeare quote which reads: “The quality of mercy is not strained; it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed — it blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.”

The piano style exhibited on Watching for Rain is smooth and soothing, perfect for listening at any time.

pic-waiting-for-rainThe Celtic influences provide sufficient upbeat rhythms to make this great background music for a party, dinner, or visiting with friends. Yet the sounds are calming enough to play for yoga or relaxation background.

Watching for Rain by Anne Trenning is a Shadetree Production release that you will truly treasure. You’ll probably find yourself placing it in the section of albums which you listen to most frequently.

The piano style exhibited on Watching for Rain is smooth and soothing, perfect for listening at any time. It’s so good you might check out a  piano blog or two and then you could play these fantastic songs. yourself

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