Like A Fish In Water: Yoga For Children by Isabelle Koch

Like A Fish In Water: Yoga For Children, authored by Isabelle Koch and published by Inner Traditions is a perfect medium of introducing young people to the benefits and techniques of yoga.

It does so on a level that’s fun and in a way they can easily understand and follow.

Studies show that too many children and young people are not getting adequate physical exercise nor are they developing the healthy habits that the body needs for balance.

This lack of healthy movement, even when young can contribute to adult obesity, diabetes, and other major health issues and very early ages. Also, life for our young people today is much more stressful than in past decades.

Frogs and Mermaids – Yoga Postures for Kids

pic-yoga-kidsYoga exercises for kids presents a great way to release that built-up stress of hectic schedules, carpooling, and pressure to over-schedule their young lives.

The illustrations in Like A Fish In Water include drawings by Koch as well as photographs of children performing the yoga postures.

The cover features Koch’s daughter, Garance, depicted as a mermaid — a fish in water along with colorful creatures, a palm tree and bright sun. All make up appealing graphics for children.

The first few pages of Koch’s work introduce Yoga breathing in very simple terms a child can easily grasp. Next, the Yoga Legend is introduced in story form. Then the explanations and graphics of each posture begin.

An adult will know some of these postures by other names, but the names used in Like a Fish in Water are simple for a young person to relate to, for example, the first posture of relaxed stretching from a standing position is called The Rag Doll.

The Frog posture in Like a Fish is different than the posture used by adults performing yoga but is designed to be more easily performed by a child without potential over-stressing growing tendons and muscles.

Relaxation Techniques for Children

pic-yoga-for-childrenThis darling yet practical introduction to yoga for children ends with breathing exercises and relaxations techniques.

Over all, I would suggest Like A Fish In Water: Yoga for Children as a means for a parent or older sibling who has some basic knowledge of yoga to help the younger family members learn about the many benefits and fun of yoga.

However, it would work just as well for both a parent or sibling to learn along with a child.

Working through the various exercises with your child creates quality time and is a wonderful positive parenting tool.

Supervision & Safety

Of course, until a child understands the postures of yoga, they should be supervised while performing the various positions to ensure they understand how to do each exercise safely.

This beautifully illustrated book would make a wonderful gift for a little girl or boy. If you might wish to provide a gift that is not only different this is one that will keep on giving with a lifelong awareness of physical motion, body and mind interaction, stress management and so much more.

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2 Responses

  1. debra_birkholz says:

    This book sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I think it would be fun to do with my grandchild. She could use up some of her excess energy, and I could use the exercise too.

  2. Nina C. says:

    I love the idea of using yoga as a story. I am working on a project to use yoga for children ages 7-15yrs of age.There is a possibility that the children have not been introduced to yoga. So, I am visioning focusing on several activities to integrate for the children that will help them expand their social and or emotional, cognitive mental, and physical skills that will incorporate universal principles to an every day life of a 7-15 year old as well as any child. Plus, I want to make it fun for them as well as to open their perceptions from the inside to how they relate to their outside world.

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