Raising Healthy Children: Six Tips for Parents

There are so many different types of parenting styles. Each may take a different approach, however being a successful parent means taking the time to understand what our kids need in order to be happy, self confident, and well adjusted. Here you’ll find six solid tips for raising your children so they may find well-being and get their needs met.

Touch and Connection

Touch is such a necessary component of a healthy relationship. It teaches your child about connection. Be sure and hold your children, kiss them, and touch them with care and love. By being physical with your kids, they will know you love them and in turn will learn to love themselves. They will learn to feel good about their physical bodies, feel attractive, and live without guilt or fear of showing affection.

Be a Good Example

Be an example to your kids. If you want your kids to be healthy, attractive, fit and kind, then you are their best example. Show them that the two most important people in their lives, Mom and Dad, share a healthy life, which includes good eating, and loving communication. Kids are proud to have attractive parents and they love to see you feel beautiful. When you adopt a lifestyle in which you treat your mind, body, and soul with healthy actions and thoughts they will learn to do the same thing.

Learn How to Listen

Effective parenting skills include being open to listening very attentively to your children. Be attentive and honest with your kids at all times because this builds trust and integrity. By showing your child these important values, they will feel your integrity. As you are respectful with honesty they will want to emulate this quality in you, too. This will also show them that you are genuinely interested in them.

Be Involved in Your Children’s Activities

Get involved in your children’s life and their activities. Be interested in what they are interested in. Whatever their age may be, start to enthusiastically play with them during these activities. You could spend a few moments hand painting with them or throw around the ball each afternoon. If they are older and into the teenage years, then spend time talking about their interests and by getting involved you will also know more about their likes and dislikes, and be in a position to help should they need it.

Reading and Storytelling

Reading books aloud is also important no matter what your child’s age. The most precious item that you can ever give your kids is your time and attention. If they are young, have them read to you. They love to share their favorite stories and in turn share your stories with them. Storytelling with kids of your adventures teaches them more about you and helps the two of you bond and build common ground. Talk about what Mom and Dad were like when the two of you first met. If you are a single parent, then share stories about your life that they can relate to. By sharing this kind of attention, your kids will get a boost in their self-image. It will also build connection and closeness.

Meet Their Friends

Be open and friendly to your child’s friends and encourage them to hang out at your house. So many parents are so uptight and have way too many rules that their kids feel uncomfortable bringing their friends home. Create an enviorment that allows other children to hang out at your home with your children. Show them their friends are welcome and that you see them as important extensions of your kids. If your children feels that you accept their choice of friends it sends a message of acceptance and trust about their decisions. If you believe in them then they will believe in themselves. It also gives you more insight into their lives and what is important to them.

Even though there are many different types of parenting styles, these six parenting tips can be incorporated because they are key to effective parenting and support raising a child that is emotionally healthy.

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