Binaural Beat Brainwave Generator Products Alter Your Brainwaves

"Total Relaxation," "Ultra-Deep Meditation," and "Razor Sharp Focus" CD recordings from Binaural Beats.

Most of us are interested in just about anything that gives us a safe and legal way to be in control of our minds and emotions. Now, there is a series of products that allows you to choose the state of mind you desire.

Home of the world's first "digital drug," Binaural Beats offers a variety of products for stimulating concentration, relaxation, and creativity. It has long been known that certain frequencies seem to produce certain states of mind. Usually, the inaudible low frequencies, which produce the creative and relaxed states of mind conducive to success, can only be achieved through regular, prolonged meditation. But the sound engineers at Binaural Beats are able to replicate the desired frequencies.

Their information offers the following example. A pure tone of 400Hz is presented to the right ear, and a pure tone of 410Hz is presented to the left ear. Inside the head, a binaural beat of 10Hz is produced. This is equal to the alpha frequency, which brings about relaxation and positive thinking. Binaural Beats has developed what they say are the best techniques for 21st century access to various mind states we desire. Over the course of a week or so I used a sampling of their CDs and compared my experience to their claims.

When I used the first one, I noticed that my breathing deepened dramatically. Of course, I realize that sitting down and putting on headphones to listen to a CD called "Total Relaxation" could have been enough to relax my breathing. But what I find interesting is that I didn't remind myself to breath deeply, as I normally would. I just noticed it was happening, as if someone else had pushed a button.

From "Ultra-Deep Meditation," we are promised a guru-like level of meditation. Again, what I experienced was subtle, but real. Besides a feeling of calm and order, I also received a nugget of insight I've been working toward for a long time. Maybe it was just time for the answer to that puzzle, or maybe my level of meditation was deeper than usual, allowing me to connect to what I needed.

My most striking experience was with the CD called "Razor Sharp Focus." I decided to give it a try when I performed the final edit of a 40-page eBook. I had worked it over several times and frankly, was getting tired of it. I wanted to give it one final edit, though, so I gave "Razor Sharp Focus" a chance. At first, I thought the monotone--or duotones--would be too distracting to help my concentration. In just moments, however, I was just barely aware of the sound while I sped through the manuscript. During the next hour, I paused twice to regroup and pay attention to what was coming through my earphones. The rest of that time, I not only corrected plenty of spelling and other typos, but I also recognized--and quickly solved--some inconsistencies in the formatting of the document. The CD faded to an end as I proofread the last line.

Since no one was directly measuring my brain activity as I used these CDs, I can't claim to know whether I experienced the frequencies promised by Binaural Beats. What I know is that I had some positive results I didn't expect, which is enough reason for me to recommend you visit Binaural Beats to find your digital drug of choice.

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