Consciousness Expansion 3: Creative Visualization, Addiction, Perception

  1. The Magic of Perception: What you Perceive Effects your Reality
  2. The Power of Perception: Is the Glass 1/2 Empty or 1/2 Full?
  3. Problem Resolution: Problem Solving Steps from a Spiritual Perspective
  4. Overcoming Procrastination and Reality Creation
  5. Human Evolution: The Secrets of the Psyche
  6. Want a Quantum Leap: What’s your Quantum Reality?
  7. Saturn and Neptune: A Reality Check in Higher Consciousness and Practicality
  8. Secondary Gains: What Keeps Your Reality From Manifesting?
  9. Expanding Consciousness through Self Mastery
  10. Building Self-Esteem: The Value of Self
  11. When Bad Things Happen: The Storm Before the Calm
  12. Thought for a Bad Day: Upheavals in Good
  13. Visitations with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Dimensional Beings
  14. Visualize Success for a Happy Life
  15. Word of the Day: You Are What You Speak
  16. Questions on Self Confidence: What’s Wrong with Me?
  17. Bill Clinton – A Metaphysical Healing
  18. Consciousness Expansion Awareness on Prosperity
  19. Celtic Rituals: Lughnasadh – The First Harvest
  20. About Jeri Noble

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