Hamrick School in Medina, Ohio

Some students love a fast-paced busy campus in a big city; others prefer a smaller campus with individual attention.

If you are seeking one of the Ohio massage therapy schools for your training and prefer a more focused program, you’ll be thrilled to learn about Hamrick School, Inc. in Medina, Ohio.

Housed in a rambling white farm house in a rural location, 1156 Medina Road, also known as Route 18 between Ridge and Bambeck Roads, Hamrick is an Ohio massage school that focuses on small class size and hands-on experience. By offering each student the opportunity to receive the attention required to develop their manual dexterity and fully grasp the concepts and science of bodywork. Commuting students from Center, Brunswick, Fairlawn, and areas just west of Akron, find the peaceful, serene location perfect for their studies.

Massage training in Ohio’s Hamrick School incorporates 760 hours of study into a curriculum that includes practical applications, business, law, anatomy, physiology, theory, and hands-on experience. Students completing their massage education at Hamrick School are fully prepared to take the national exams and meet other requirements for state licensing.

If you wish to learn exactly what is required to legally practice therapeutic massage in various states in which you might wish to practice, this Ohio massage therapy school provides a comprehensive state-by-state list. You can learn much more about the opportunities available to professional masseuses by contacting Hamrick School, Inc. in Medina, Ohio. It’s easy, just fill out the school’s online request form and you will be one step closer to receiving answers to your many questions.

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Massage Training Tip

When you begin working with a new client take extra care to inform them what to expect during their massage treatment. By putting their mind at ease and answering any questions they may have or concerns they will be much more relaxed during their massage. Don’t assume a client has had massage sessions before and even if they have your consideration will set the stage for repeat sessions.

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