The Bryman School in Phoenix, Arizona

One of the best massage therapy schools, Arizona’ s Bryman School in Phoenix will train you in every aspect of professional massage therapy. The Bryman School is one of the most respected, best accredited therapeutic massage schools which is affiliated with the High-Tech Institute. You can easily find the campus at: 2250 W. Peoria Ave., Suite A-100, in Phoenix, AZ 85029.

With courses in the entire range of massage therapy, including sport massage courses, you’ll graduate from Bryman ready to enter one of the most in-demand fields in health care today.

It doesn’t take years to prepare for this exciting career field. Many career fields take years of intensive study and upon completion jobs are competitive and hard to find. With the courses and training you receive at The Bryman School you’ll be prepared to help clients with natural health care in a field that is growing at a fast pace. The field of massage therapy is rapidly growing as the demand for natural healing grows. You skills will allow you to provide therapy for everything from pain relief to recovery from injuries. Graduates of Bryman are highly sought after by sports teams, hospitals, spas, physical therapy clinics, salons, cruise ships and more.

If you are searching for a new career that makes a difference in people’s lives, the natural health care field today may be an opportunity you will want to research. You can learn about the job security this industry offers which ensures your field of training can never be outsourced.

It is easy to request more information by filling out the school’s convenient online request form. You will quickly learn more about their courses, financial aid, student massage school loans and other services to help you train for your new career.

NOTE: The Bryman school is not currently offering massage.
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Massage Training Tips: Listen

massageLearn to listen to your clients. Massage often brings out emotional release and your client may feel the need to talk to you. Remember that you are not a psychotherapist and never attempt to advise or analyze the client, but do create a safe environment where the client can express themselves. Encourage the client by letting them know that emotional release is normal and a natural result of massage and that you will be happy to listen in total confidence.

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