Visitations with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Dimensional Beings

Over the course of my career as a counselor, I’ve been privy to quite a few stories of visitations. Each story has been unique and individual to that person, but the emotion, the awe and the uplifting nature of each story has been very similar. In each situation, my client had been visited by one or more beings, usually consisting largely of light, and having a specific message.

Now, every client had a different interpretation of this spiritual phenomenon. They have been named angels, guides, masters, aliens and extra-dimensional beings. My job as a therapist was simply to listen and to provide a safe space for such experiences to be related – not to interpret, define, or otherwise pass any sort of judgement on the event or the person who was passing it on to me.

It has surely been of interest to me though, not only as a professional, but as one who had also had similar experiences, which I had also defined in different ways depending on where “my head was at” at the time. My mood or current belief system was irrelevant though in the light of the experience – it simply mattered less what it was called than the fact of its happening.

This is why, as someone who attempts to be an objective observer, I find the common denominators of these experiences to be of great interest. It is very easy to pooh-pooh another’s belief system if it doesn’t coincide with your own, but if you both see something and it has exactly the same impact on you…well, there’s room for discussion there.

I admit, I’ve done some additional research as well. What I’ve found is that there seem to be workable truths scattered among several different sources, and I personally don’t fully buy into any of them. I must confess that I have a personal affinity for the ideas that have some age on them; some experience, some statistical weight. For example, the recitations of Divine Experience vary little over the ages and between widely diverse belief systems. An explanation for the subjective experience can be found in esoteric psychology texts, such as those of Alice Bailey. It makes sense to me that we apprehend such a visitor with the abstract part of the mind or brain, even to the deeper level of the dream mind. This would make memory retention of the experience different, to say the least, and the logical part of the mind would likely revolt. This is why I’ve gotten so many clients who want to talk about such things, since for a rational person, this can set up quite an inner conflict.

The people who seem to integrate the experience best, are those who contact the Masters, beings who have been mortal, have passed on, and now advise those who are still here. There is a long and honorable tradition of this sort of thing going on, and is respected in several cultures. This contact can utilize both sides of the brain. It does not always have the same impact as the visitations reported of angelic beings or other creatures of light. From my experience and observation, I’d have to say that this is because it doesn’t hit that part of the human psyche that resonates to Divinity. These guys say they were mortal, after all. It has to be easier to deal with that, than to incorporate a level of being that is so far above one’s normal experience that many simply fall to their knees instinctively on contact.

That’s the “awe” part, that can have such an amazing impact on the psyche. Particularly in our western civilization, we aren’t accustomed to any great humility in the presence of another and Americans in particular are proud of their ambivilant attitude towards authority. But then, one comes in contact with a life force, an entity that is so plainly far beyond what most of us have ever even contemplated, and there you are. On the floor. Amnesiac. Hallucinating? Probably conflicted over this incredible thing that has occurred.

The awe and mystery of the Divine makes more sense of the bible’s exhortation to “fear” God. I might have trouble with the translation of these concepts myself, so I empathize with the medieval scholars who attempted to do so.

What about those who see aliens? Well, I consider myself lucky. The clients who have come to me with such stories have been well-balanced individuals who keep a very open mind about their experience (which lends a lot more credibility to their story), not those tortured souls who feel they have been victimized or who need attention for being different. I have met these people, but have not been their counselor. This was probably best for both of us. My client’s experiences were so similar to those who had Divine Visitations that they were easily handled using identical techniques. I cannot make a judgement beyond that of the “reality” of what was told to me.

I suspect that with the sort of Visitations that I’ve been exposed to, it really is understandable that they aren’t easily categorized and labeled, even by those who were in the middle of them. As most counselors of any modality will tell you, they tend to attract a certain “type” of client, and there are some who will never come their way at all. So it is with me and the clients who come my way. Every visitation story that I’ve heard first-hand from a client has been a positive one, even if somewhat scary.

What about these messages?

Rarely does it seem that one of these beings just drops in for the hell of it (so to speak). Almost every time, there is a specific message, a request, a pointer, a type of guidance. Nine times out of ten of what’s been reported to me, the message has to do with spreading the Word in some way, bringing more light into the world, or following the message of one’s heart. To me, this goes beyond coincidence. Typically “lightworkers”, those who work at bringing light in the form of joy, healing, love, teaching, etc. in our New Age, have experienced some form of visitation, or gotten this message in some other unusual way. I’ve heard a variety of ideas about the reason for this, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re all good.

It seems to me that the form, the interpretation, even the reasons for this phenomena occurring are a lot less important than the fact of its happening. In my opinion, as a species we’re bumping up against a new level of evolution, and for whatever reason, there are some helping hands to aid in the transition. This is not just for us personally, but for us as a race.

None of this is original information. As I said before, this has a long history behind visiting spiritual beings, like angels and spirit guides. It seems to be happening an awful lot though, and I know that I’ve had more than 100 clients come to me about it. Must be important…

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