CD/DVD Set: LIVE! Featuring David Arkenstone, Nicholas Gunn, Johannes Linstead and Loren Gold

LIVE! is all about choices. As part of the Audio Visual Connect Series from Gemini Sun Records, you can choose to listen to the entertaining music on the CD or you can watch the actual performance of the same tunes on the DVD. How often do you get these choices? For me, it doesn’t happen often enough.

Both the CD and DVD come in a single package, unlike Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance where you either had to buy a CD or a DVD. It’s like getting two for one! And I can assure you that you will use and enjoy both options often.

Gemini Sun Records has really made a great decision by mixing medias in a single package. With today’s technology, just about everyone has players in their homes and one their computers and even in their cars to accommodate these two formats. The visual impact of the performances on DVD introduces anyone who hasn’t been exposed to these four great musicians to their true personalities and styles. The CD format makes the performances extremely portable for anyone.

Filled with 15 fabulous cuts, each introduced by the authoring artist, LIVE! isn’t your ordinary New Age music album. If you like to listen to Nora Jones, you’ll hear her influences along with blues to good old rock and roll all blended into the instrumentals. Influences from the Middle East to Africa are incorporated into cuts such as Desert Crossing, and Earth Bones. You’ll hear Puerto Rico’s Latino influenced Streets of Old San Juan and Apasionado Uno as well as Caribbean influenced Spanish Town. This album is a blend of World music which is upbeat, clean, and moving all at once.

I found the cuts featured on LIVE! to be perfect music for listening while being physically active. It’s got rhythm and beat to make you want to move and dance. It’s a great album for playing in the car as well because there’s nothing sleepy about it. While the DVD is something you’ll want to sit and relax while watching, you’ll find the CD returns again and again to your home or car stereo for energetic listening.

LIVE! CD/DVD Music Set with ArkenstoneIt’s so nice to be able to watch the skilled musicians like flutist Nicholas Gunn perform with such heart. Loren Gold’s keyboard and the six-string and twelve-string guitars of David Arkenstone and Johannnes Linstead are all highlights of World music.

They clearly love the music they have created and it shows in the DVD’s 73+ minute performances. Each cut on this DVD has appeared on albums before but has never been compiled into a LIVE! performance available in a set like this before. You’ll want to plug this audio visual experience in to share with friends when they visit.

I recommend this multi-media CD/DVD set to everyone. If you love visuals, instrumental acoustic guitar music, and you’ll watch this world music DVD frequently. If you love background music that reaches into your heart and gets your spirit moving, you’ll enjoy the CD format over and over again. I can’t wait to see what Gemini Sun comes up with next in their Audio Visual Connect Series and after you hear and see LIVE! Featuring David Arkenstone, Nicholas Gunn, Johannes Linstead and Loren Gold, you will feel the same way.

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