Consciousness Expansion 1: Alchemy, Metaphysics, Lucid Dreams

  1. Prosperity: Awakening to Abundance
  2. Butterfly Effect: Alchemical Transformation
  3. Transformation: Alchemy and the "The Pearl of Great Price"
  4. Jumpstart on the Spiritual Path: Astrology, Alchemy & Metaphysics
  5. Astrology: A Guide for Past Life Reading
  6. Improving Self Esteem: Personal Authenticity
  7. NDE: Near Death Experience: Coming Back to Life
  8. War what is it good for?: The Belief Wars
  9. Neptune and Saturn the Planet: What Can You Believe?
  10. Positive Thinking: The Attitude of Certainty
  11. Consciousness of Christ- Part 1
  12. Consciousness of Christ- Part 2
  13. Consciousness of Christ - Part 3
  14. Consciousness of Christ- Part 4
  15. Call it Courage: Personal Evolution through Courage and Letting Go
  16. Techniques for Creative Visualization
  17. Words of Wisdom: The Power of Decision
  18. Addiction-Therapy: Denial and Effects of Addiction
  19. From Christianity to Tantric Yoga: The Divine Relationship
  20. Lucid Dreams and Dreamworking in Metaphysics
  21. Depression Test: The Emptiness Inside

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