Words of Wisdom: The Power of Decision

The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines the word “decide” as: “to (cause to) choose, esp. after careful thought about several possibilities”. This sounds like words of great wisdom.

In metaphysics, it is necessary that we be valiant in our choices, to make them consciously and with a clear eye towards the future. Thus, decision-making is an essential element in the tools for metaphysical reality creation.

Each time we do a treatment, make an affirmation or visualize an outcome, we are deciding how life is going to be. We are quite literally making a choice about what we will experience. There are those who are uncomfortable with decision-making, putting off the necessity to do so or trying to have someone else do it for them. This has to do with a fear of the responsibility of creating their lives. There is an inordinate concern about making a mistake.

This is the issue when we are caught in the throes of indecision. We are worried about making a mistake in our choices, we create anxiety for ourselves that a decision may be irrevocable. There are certain laws of metaphysics which may ease one’s mind about these things.

Nothing is ever lost in Infinite Mind.

We can see this proven in life. As long as you hold your beloved item in mind, it will come back to you. This can occur with a possession, a situation (such as a job), or even a person. What is remarkable about this is that it need not be the same item. All that we need to hold in consciousness is that we have this good that we seek or something better. Since we have often learned and grown from the original “loss”, quite frequently we will come into the “something better”. If we were to get back the original loss, we might find that we had outgrown it (almost always the case).

Thus, one needn’t be concerned about loss from a wrong decision. If something leaves you, you may know that it will come back in its original form or better.

There are no “wrong” choices.

As reflections of Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Good, it is impossible for us to make a wrong decision. We certainly may choose something that causes us short-term discomfort, but ultimately, every action that we take, every choice that we make, leads us closer to our Divine Destiny.

As we practice the consciousness of this, we will find that the so-called “consequences” of our choices become less and less stressful. We are more easily able to see that we are guided by a Higher Consciousness and that even our ego-based choices will ultimately bring us back to the Truth.

We cannot truly hurt another.

I can hear some of you howling already. But if the above two principles are true for you, they are also true for those around you. In metaphysics, there are no victims. Even children are spiritual, immortal beings who have also made their choices prior to birth, and with each choice they make in this lifetime.

These are concepts which are fully accurate from the perspective of a Higher Consciousness. This is not the same as the viewpoint from a material perspective, where we have cause and effect reversed. Instead, we are examining these principles with the idea that we are consistently creating our own reality. Therefore, we are the cause in our own consciousness and what is attracted in the physical world is the effect.

In metaphysics, it is far better to make a decision than to avoid making one. This is because the avoidance is a decision in itself, to do nothing. This allows whatever other factors which may be operative in your lower consciousness to “act out”, creating experiences from habit, fear or irresponsibility.

Yes, we want to make the best choices that we can. However, we cannot allow ourselves to put a portion of our lives on hold while we avoid doing so. So, do your best and then move forward, making your decisions and creating your life. You inner wisdom is there to guide you.

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